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6 Ways to Flourish in 2013

Jan 18, 2013

6 Ways To Flourish In 2013

Moderate physical activity can help people manage daily stressors, researchers say.

Now is the time for setting healthy goals for 2013. The holidays are often overwhelming and leave us feeling exhausted, overfed and mentally drained. Allow yourself time for rest and refocus so you can prepare yourself for a healthy and prosperous New Year!

Here are a few tips for setting yourself up for success in 2013:

1. Get some rest.

Before you can focus on your goals in the New Year, you need to be well rested. It’s impossible to think clearly when you’ve been neglecting sleep, so take advantage of extra days off from work by sleeping in and taking naps.

2. Contemplate the past year.

In our fast paced, perpetually connected society time continues to fly by at an alarming rate. Often, we don’t relish our successes or evaluate failures because we don’t allow ourselves any downtime. Spend time thinking about experiences you’ve had over the past year and use this exercise as a way of figuring out what you want more and less of in 2013.

3. Think beyond short-term resolutions.

Most people focus on short-term goals, such as losing ten pounds. A more powerful resolution would be to create a healthier lifestyle, which looks beyond a quick fix diet and focuses on making lasting changes.

4. Don’t forget to think holistically.

Your health and wellbeing depends on more than just a number on the scale. Evaluate areas such as your career, spirituality, physical activity and relationships in order to approach resolutions from a well-rounded perspective.

5. Write it down.

There’s magic in putting things on paper. As you contemplate your goals and aspirations for the New Year, write it down. Whether it’s in a journal or on your refrigerator, put your list where you will be reminded of it often.

6. Envision your year.

Create a vision for what you want in the New Year and spend time meditating on it. This is a trick that pro athletes and A-list celebrities use for attaining their goals. The more detailed you are, the more powerful your vision becomes. Having a vision provides a roadmap for all that you desire to achieve.


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