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2013 Fitness Tips to Start Your New Year on the Right Foot

2013 Fitness Tips to Start Your New Year on the Right Foot

Greg Sterner, Owner, Physical Therapist

1. What a plate should look like to get metabolism burning (ratio of proteins, carbs, veggies, fruits etc.)

Fire Up #Metabolism: Try a #healthy NT dinner…Spinach salad, vegetarian chili, & wash down with green tea

2. Easy ways to add more veggies into your meals

EZ #veggie booster: try the NT chunky #vegetable soup #recipe

3. The effects that drinking water have on your metabolism

#Water: the ultimate calorie-free #metabolism booster! Aim for 8 glasses/day

4. The effects of the “sugar crash”

Stop the #sugar crash. Avoid simple sugars (soda!) they jolt sugar level up then quickly crash = fatigue.

5. Why caffeine may (or may not…I’m not sure!) be a great way to fire up your metabolism

Fire Up #Metabolism: Drink caffeinated coffee (without added sugar and/or bad fats)

6. The importance of getting enough fiber in your diet

Fill up on #Fiber (fruit, veggies and whole grains). Good for the #heart & the waistline.

7. How yogurt can help you

Go Greek! Fat-free Greek #Yogurt is high in protein and other bone & muscle-building nutrients.

8. Foods that slow metabolism

Fire Up #Metabolism: Avoid bad fats in fatty meats, butter, full fat ice cream, creams and full-fat cheeses

9. The importance of eating breakfast

Fire Up #Metabolism: Break the fast by eating a bowl of oatmeal this morning!

10. How much dairy should we consume?

Build your bones: eat liquid calcium foods like fat-free milk or light soy milk every day.

11. Green tea’s advantages

Fire Up #Metabolism: Drink green tea (minus the added sugar) throughout the day to boost your burn

12. The effects that alcohol has on metabolism

Fire Up #Metabolism: Curb your alcohol intake to only red wine (1 a day 4 women, 2 a day 4 men)


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