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2013 Fitness Tips to Start Your New Year on the Right Foot

Dec 29, 2012

1. What a plate should look like to get metabolism burning (ratio of proteins, carbs, veggies, fruits etc.)

Fire Up #Metabolism: Try a #healthy NT dinner…Spinach salad, vegetarian chili, & wash down with green tea

2. Easy ways to add more veggies into your meals

EZ #veggie booster: try the NT chunky #vegetable soup #recipe

3. The effects that drinking water have on your metabolism

#Water: the ultimate calorie-free #metabolism booster! Aim for 8 glasses/day

4. The effects of the “sugar crash”

Stop the #sugar crash. Avoid simple sugars (soda!) they jolt sugar level up then quickly crash = fatigue.

5. Why caffeine may (or may not…I’m not sure!) be a great way to fire up your metabolism

Fire Up #Metabolism: Drink caffeinated coffee (without added sugar and/or bad fats)

6. The importance of getting enough fiber in your diet

Fill up on #Fiber (fruit, veggies and whole grains). Good for the #heart & the waistline.

7. How yogurt can help you

Go Greek! Fat-free Greek #Yogurt is high in protein and other bone & muscle-building nutrients.

8. Foods that slow metabolism

Fire Up #Metabolism: Avoid bad fats in fatty meats, butter, full fat ice cream, creams and full-fat cheeses

9. The importance of eating breakfast

Fire Up #Metabolism: Break the fast by eating a bowl of oatmeal this morning!

10. How much dairy should we consume?

Build your bones: eat liquid calcium foods like fat-free milk or light soy milk every day.

11. Green tea’s advantages

Fire Up #Metabolism: Drink green tea (minus the added sugar) throughout the day to boost your burn

12. The effects that alcohol has on metabolism

Fire Up #Metabolism: Curb your alcohol intake to only red wine (1 a day 4 women, 2 a day 4 men)


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