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11 Tips to Establish and KeepHealthy Eating Habits for Life

May 11, 2018

“Good habits are worth being fanatical about.”-Author John Irving.

How fanatical are you about creating healthy eating habits? To assist you, I’ve put together 11 tips that will help you meet all your healthy eating goals...

1.Write out a list of benefits– List the areas of your life that will be improved. Write down everything from how you look in pictures to the diseases you’ll be less likely to contract. Keep this list close by and refer to if often.

2.Write out a list of your bad habits- What bad habits do want to eliminate? Do you hide sweets around the house? Do you “stress eat”? Whatever bad habit you want to defeat, write it down.

3.Remind yourself of what happens if you don’t succeed– What will your future look like? Where will your energy level and self-confidence be? Remind yourself what happens if you continue with the status quo.

4.Visualizeyour success– Imagine how good you’ll feel when you accomplish your goals. Visualize yourself making healthy and smart choices every step of the way.

5.Use “if” and “then”– Let’s say one of your bad habits is you love sweets. You create an“if”and “then” statement like the following: “If I have a craving for chocolate, then I will have an orange or apple instead.”

6.Use “but”– Here’s how it works. Let’s say you are in a position where eating at a fast food place if your only option. You say to yourself “I will eat at this fast food restaurant, but I will have a salad and a glass of water instead of one of their high-calorie meals.”

7.Don’t give up the ship if you spring a temporary leak– If you give into temptation, don’t let it affect your overall healthy eating goal. Forgive yourself and refocus on the task at hand.

8.Don’t go it alone– Enlist the help of family and friends. Partner up with a like-minded buddy.

9.Don’t break the chain– Comedian Jerry Seinfeld’s goal was to write a joke every day. Putting an “X” on a calendar every day he did, he challenged himself not to “break the chain.” Why not do the same thing when it comes to eating healthy? Every time you have a 100% successful day put an “X” on your calendar.

10.Think up healthy ways to reward yourself– Reward yourself when you succeed. And if you reward yourself with food,make the reward a fruit smoothie not a large pizza.

11.Take a stand– Get excited and stubborn about what you’re about to accomplish. Let the world know "I’m not going to let my unhealthy food cravings control me any longer!”


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