The hardest part is getting started: take the first step

The hardest part is getting started:
take the first step

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Our comprehensive fitness program begins with a no strings attached free consultation to determine if we are the right fit for you. If we are, we’ll get the ball rolling on some fantastic results.

Personal Training

Whether your goals are: weight loss, increased strength and muscle tone, achieving a superior fitness level or aging gracefully/"turning back the clock"...Fitness Together Point Loma's motivating training team has a complete training and nutrition program for you!

Our Purpose: "To inspire passion for fitness and movement”

Fitness Together-Point Loma, headed by Licensed Physical Therapist Greg Sterner, has been recognized for the past three years by the Peninsula Beacon as the of ‘Best Personal Training in Point Loma’. We are leading San Diego in providing a results driven, corrective exercise based, high intensity training experience while combining a proven, customized nutrition coaching program that can be followed for lifelong changes.


You are a go-getter in so many areas of your life. You work hard, you thrive in your profession and you give your family your all. However your professional and personal success has often come at a cost – not only your health but also your identity. Who have you become? How did this happen? You’ve tried to stay active here-and-there but nothing really seems to stick. And to be honest you are not really sure what will get the results you want – and you don’t have the time to figure it all out on your own. The truth is, it’s not your fault and you are just like every other member in our facility. You’ve given your all to your career and family and should be proud of that! But now it is time to dedicate yourself to a new cause: YOU. It’s time to put yourself back on the priority list and we would be so honored to be part of your journey.

You need a better way to integrate healthy habits into your life long-term. That is why our programs are built around keeping you accountable to an individualized and proven plan that is focused on healthy results. If you are ready to take back control, feel like YOU again, and be empowered to live your life without any limitations click “Get Started Now” for more information!


When you request more information by completing the Basic Information Form, we will give you a call to answer all of your questions. We can schedule a call at a time that is convenient to you!


We want you to come in and get comfortable with the space, the team, and the other members. We also want to listen to you and learn more about where you feel stuck and where you need guidance.


Our services are designed to provide the expertise and accountability you need. We will work with you to find the right program for you and your goals to set you up for success from the very beginning.

Let us help you rekindle your PASSION for fitness and movement today!



  • "Focus on individual customer needs and goals"   ― R. M.

  • "A friendly group at Fitness Together. All the trainers push you to be your best and very conscientious of your form! You are all amazing !"   ― J. B.

  • "Personalized service. Adapted & adjusted to your needs and physical ability."   ― P. H.

  • "Great trainers and staff!"   ― A. C.

  • "Personalized training, with a wide variety of exercises"   ― L. R.

  • "Great environment with experienced trainers."   ― K. C.

  • "Fitness Together provides motivation as well as expertise. I truly believe that having a qualified trainer is essential to ensure that the client is doing what will help the client make good progress. At FT the trainers are VERY aware of what each client needs. They are “hands on” and provide the client with challenges that can be accomplished. The client feels proud in being a member of this wonderful partnership!"   ― K. L.

  • "Personal attention, clean & private facility for working out, encouraging trainer, a challenging & efficient workout."   ― E. B.

  • "Personalized and professional service. One on one training that is appropriate to individual need."   ― M. W.

  • "Unique one on one service with a through understanding of the clients physical needs and goals. "   ― R. M.

  • "I like the individualized training that exists even when working in a small group. I like that there is a variety to the workouts unlike doing a class at a gym. The trainers really seem to care about the clients"   ― G. S.

  • "You guys rock!"   ― K. W.

  • "It's non judgemental, tailored to ever age, fitness level and ability. It really helps that payment plans are available. The entire staff is very friendly and helpful. "   ― E. C.

  • "I love the focused yet friendly attention, and the support from all of the trainers."   ― K. K.

  • "The trainers are true professionals. They get to know you and base your workout around your capabilities & goals. They challenge you while making it fun!"   ― A. C.

  • "All of the trainers truly care about your goals and push you to improve with each session. They take time to get to know you and establish relationships. I love that each trainer has a different style in their workout so that your body gets toned in multiple different ways. "   ― K. M.

  • "Greg and the personal service"   ― M. W.

  • "personalized exercise plan, trainers"   ― G. S.

  • " I've always been a bit intimidated at regular gyms. I just stuck to the same machines and exercises that I felt comfortable with. When my wife and I bought the Groupon for Fitness Together, We thought we would learn a few new exercises and never go back after the 6 Groupon sessions ended. When we first walked in Greg and his team made us feel very comfortable and judgement free. We started training with Hannah and she made us feel incredibly comfortable. We immediately liked her, she asked the right questions and tailored our workouts to fit our goals. She is never judgemental, always encouraging and a lot of fun to work with. She has been very patient with us while also holding us accountable and not accepting any excuses. She keeps the workouts fresh and fun but also tough enough that we are really seeing results. She has taught us proper form and technique. That has empowered us to not only workout at Fitness Together but also on our own. I love the results that I'm seeing in my wife and also the results that I'm feeling in my body and mind. I made a lot of excuses before trying Fitness Together, things like I can just workout on my own, it worked initially but I eventually plateaued. Hannah taught us how to break through those plateaus. Another excuse was, I don't want to diet. The nutrition program has never once made me feel as if I am on a diet. It made me more conscious of what I'm eating and how it affects me. The biggest excuse, it's probably too expensive. How valuable is your health to you? Can you put a price on that? I often tell people "I wish I could have 15 more minutes with my dad". With Fitness Together, I feel like I'm giving my kids those extra "15 minutes". To me that's priceless. "   ― E. C.

  • "Greg is outstanding. Intelligent hard working, family man who knows what he is doing. Great service and great motivator!!! "   ― J. B.

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