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    Private Studio Suites and LIVE 1-on-1 Virtual Training to make it easier to stay on track with your goals.

The hardest part is getting started.


What Are The Next Steps?


When you request more information by clicking: contact us we will give you a call to answer all your questions. We will schedule a call for a time that works around your busy schedule.


We look forward to getting to know you and learn more about where you feel stuck and where you need guidance. We want you to come in and get comfortable with the workout rooms, our team, and the other members.


Our sessions are programed to provide the knowledge and accountability you need. We will work with you to find the right program for you and your goals to set you up for success from the very beginning.


Signature fit evaluation that includes an in-depth health history and lifestyle review, movement and posture analysis, and mini workout, all used to design a program that is unique to you.

  • "The above and beyond personal touch designed for each of my sessions "   ― S. R.

  • "The expertise coupled with the genuine care and concern. The fact that the owners reached out to me out of care for personal issues I’ve been battling. The initial conversation wasn’t even about working out. It was more about how can we help with your healing and overall wellness. Additionally, the owners are there coaching me on how to achieve goals inside and outside of the gym. And they even drop gems as to how I can achieve my entrepreneurial goals. The culture is very family oriented and upbeat! I could go on and on."   ― L. N.

  • "The personalized workout plans and the individual attention to each persons needs for a safe and healthy workout routine. Also working with you to continue your fitness journey. "   ― L. N.

  • "Scott and Sarah are devoted to the fitness and health of their clients. Scott designs my workouts to meet my personal needs making each workout challenging. Sarah sends out emails with tips on recipes and exercises. They follow all Covid 19 guidelines ensuring the safety of their clients."   ― B. B.

  • "I believe the team at FT evaluate your unique needs in developing both short and long term. They include your concerns as well. Your safety is always being monitored. They strictly adhere to all COVID guidelines."   ― M. L.

  • "Very professional, courteous and friendly. Trainer does a good job challenging me, but doing so without overdoing it."   ― E. H.

  • "Everything is personalized to your goals and the friendly staff!"   ― L. N.

  • "Individualized plan for each session, which present positive challenges, competent and friendly team, absolute cleanliness of the facility."   ― M. L.

  • "Great trainers. Flexibility with training hours."   ― K. T.

  • "Great trainers. I absolutely love working with FT. The energy is high and absolutely positive. "   ― V. M.

  • "I like the 1:1 personalized training services. The studio is always clean. When I go I pretty much have the place to myself so I like the privacy.the trainers are great and patient. They understand that you are the client and the customer but there also is that balance to push you towards your goals."   ― W. H.

  • "Like Family and always go above and beyond.. Always there when i have questions and Helping me achieve my Goals. "   ― S. J.

  • "great knowledge and service"   ― M. G.

  • "Flexible with scheduling and convenient! Great trainers who are invested and show interest in your overall health!"   ― K. T.

  • "Individual training. Friendly staff."   ― D. I.

  • "Personal service."   ― D. C.

  • "I love Fitness Together! Has been life changing for me. I love the one on one training that is completely set up for my success. "   ― E. F.

  • "Personalized. Just wish it were cheaper."   ― D. D. C.

  • "Great staff who are very client-focused"   ― C. M.

  • "Friendly and personalized "   ― K. V.

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