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As we continue to monitor the situation with Coronavirus (COVID-19), 
we are taking steps to help protect the health and well-being of our customers and partners. 

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Now Offering Live 1:1 VIRTUAL Personal Training

Now Offering
Live 1:1 VIRTUAL Personal Training

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Live 1:1 Virtual Personal Training brings a personal trainer into the comfort of your own space, making it easy to personalize your workout plan on your own time so you can reach your goals.

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We are temporarily closed for the health and safety of everyone, our community will stay intact and we will continue to support you in your health and wellness journey by making your personal training sessions available through virtual training!


We are excited to continue to provide our expertise, customized programming and the support of our team in a creative way - virtual training sessions!

While our Fitness Together® studio will need to temporarily close for the health and safety of everyone, our community will stay intact and we will continue to support you in your health and wellness journey by making your personal training sessions available through virtual training!

It’s the same great personalized attention and coaching that we provide in-studio:

  • Written out exercises and tips to follow along the live training
  • Precautions and tips for working out at home
  • Accountability, camaraderie and ongoing support with regular check-ins outside of your training sessions

Take the next step: Now is the time to take a step to pursuing your health and wellness goals in the comfort of your own home, with a private personal trainer. Our personal trainer team has limited availability and schedules fill up fast!

 Schedule your F.I.T. Consultation & Virtual Workout now!        

You can do this. Even when you’ve tried it all—exercise classes, gyms, work-out videos, more diets than you can count—you can get fit. And we can help.

Are you ready to look good and feel good, be fit and strong, have more energy, gain more confidence, reduce stress, be happy and healthy and enjoy a longer, better quality of life?

Then let us guide you and show you how you can.  Call us today at 781.659.0034 to schedule your FREE no obligation session & consultation;or email us today and learn more.


For 15 years, Fitness Together Norwell has helped hundreds of busy people just like you, who are looking for a safe, supportive, effective fitness program. We promise that when you're willing to invest in yourself and commit the time and money to succeed, you can achieve great results.

At Fitness Together, our certified personal trainers are your trusted partners and coaches who help you create the perfect nutrition and exercise program—and stick to it. We’ll work hard together, laugh together, sweat - and yes, you’ll finally get fit and stay fit. Follow our program and you’ll get great results!

Our experienced fitness trainers work as a team to help motivate you and hold you accountable to achieve your fitness goals. Perhaps you’ve never exercised. Maybe you’re a former athlete looking to get back in the game. Either way, we’ve got you covered. Our specialty is helping people who have struggled to get fit on their own. And if you’re recovering from an injury or illness, we can help get you healthy and fit and do it safely.

Are you ready to improve your overall health and wellness? if you’re tired of being sick and tired all the time, let us help you. Imagine how good it will feel to get out of bed without pain, be able to walk or run faster, jump higher, get your weight under control…. Whatever your fitness goals, we're eager to start you on a journey that could change your life forever.  

Here are the areas of fitness and personal training we specialize in:

  • Baby Boomer/Older-Adult Training
  • High-Intensity Interval and Tabata Training
  • Strength and Body Weight Workouts
  • Small Group or Partner Training (Duet)
  • Mixed Martial Arts Inspired Workouts, Boot Camps
  • Fitness Programs for Women, Men and Teens
  • Nutritional coaching – Not Dieting!

Fitness Together Norwell (off Rte. 53 across from the Fours) has the perfect program to get you the results you want. Call us today at 781.659.0034 to schedule your FREE no obligation session & consultation;or email us today and learn more.

Please follow us on our blog for fitness information on cardio, nutrition, strength, success stories, fitness trends as well as fun topics and other ideas.

Schedule your FREE no obligation session & consultation

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At Fitness Together, we've always taken a holistic approach to your health and wellness. We're excited to expand that approach and introduce you to the CBD Wellness Shop at Fitness Together Norwell.

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  • "Individual supportive focused training"   ― J. B.

  • "Mike is an incredible trainer and knows how to make you push yourself while being consious of your overall well being and any limitations you may have. I had two major shoulder surgeries this past year and a bicep tendon repair and after 9 months of rehab am back in the gym and Mike has been absolutely awesome to work with. He has been great at guiding me through exercises and testing things out while be cautious and mindful of my past injuries all while creating challenging workouts that make me push myself. I really enjoy working out with him and it makes me continually want to come back for more. I feel very fortunate to have found FT and they have really changed my life forever. I have lost 75lbs since starting there and after getting my past injuries taken care this past year I am eager to see where we can take things. Thanks for everything to Joe and Mike, I would not be where I am now without you and I am truly grateful! You guys rock!"   ― C. D.

  • "I’ve been working out at Fitness Together for about one year. It’s a great place with top trainers. Workouts are challenging, fun, and always new. Mike makes workouts count and time is well spent. Fitness together= results. Thank you. LG"   ― L. G.

  • "The best personal trainers in a great semi private environment. They work together as a team to help me achieve my goals."   ― S. L.

  • "The one on one attention. "   ― D. B.

  • "Great team "   ― D. R.

  • "Great staff!"   ― J. B.

  • "The personal attention is everything. The accountability is vital. This is as important for my mind as it is for my body."   ― L. R.

  • "Good knowledgeable trainers"   ― J. B.

  • "I absolutely loved the varied personalized workouts. All the trainers were so helpful showing me how to do each exercise and making sure I did it correctly. With all their help I feel stronger and have so much more energy!"   ― J. L.

  • "not intimidating and friendly with knowledgeable trainers"   ― S. H.

  • "The attention and structure"   ― J. B.

  • "I love the relaxed yet professional atmosphere. It's very supportive and personalized."   ― M. D.

  • "Great team!"   ― D. R.

  • "Friendly staff who keep it interesting and progressive"   ― J. B.

  • "Great workouts in a reasonable amount of time for anyone with a busy schedule. Instructors are all great! "   ― M. S.

  • "Focus,structure, encouragement"   ― J. B.

  • "Great Facility and even better trainer in Mike Eaton. He keeps the work outs fresh and is very encouraging. "   ― S. C.

  • "The one-on-one trainer support. "   ― D. B.

  • "Accountability "   ― L. M.

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