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Personal Training Success Stories

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Dave Nicholson

Highlight Client- Welcome Back

Fitness Together wants to welcome our 86 year old client Dave back from being out for nine months! Dave found out in April 2018 that he had colon and lung cancer. Since then he has had two major surgeries, chemo and radiation. After going through treatment and rehabilitation Dave is finally back home training with us. I speak for all the trainers and the clients when I say we are all thrilled to have him back in the studio. Take time to read Dave's testimony below.

I started going to Fitness Together approximately six years ago. My body ached in the joints from arthritis and I was overweight. I knew I had to do something about my balance and strength. In other words my overall health condition was not good.

I started six years ago, going three times a week to Fitness Together. I am now 86 years old and I am recovering from a colon cancer operation in April 2018 and a lung cancer operation in July 2019. I was able to return in January 2019. I was released from my home care physical therapist to Teris Espinosa to begin my workout once again at a recovery pace.

It is important for me to point out that the surgeons, and my oncologists said that they would not even consider operating if I were not in the condition that I was in. They called me a “young 85 year old” and gave me very strong dosages of radiation and chemotherapy, the same as they use on 40-year-old patients. Thanks to Teris and Fitness Together my body could not stand the necessary treatment and now I am doing fine.



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Pat Fulton

Highlight Client

What is the Fitness Together – North Attleboro difference? One word, “Significant”.

How has Fitness Together worked for me?

My name is Pat Swift Fulton. I have participated in sports, fitness and been active all my life. In my late 50s, I gained weight, became sluggish and fell off healthy exercise routines due to:

  1. Life had become complicated. 2008 was the year of rare disorders …my husband, Ken, had been diagnosed with mesothelioma.My brother, Paul, had a spinal cord injury of an unknown origin.Caregiving became a primary focus while I tried to attend to the needs of my Mom and son, Aaron, work full time, etc.I lived the life of most 50-year-olds.
  2. The big box gyms no longer appealed to me.Too large, too impersonal, too dirty and a lack of gym respect!
  3. Proximity to home and work was poor. For me, this meant not going as it added too much to the load I carried.
  4. Self – caregivers often forget to take care of themselves.

So, what changed? Simple, “me and my mindset”. Two years ago, I joined Fitness Together after looking at a variety of training centers, big box gyms, and smaller gyms.

Why Fitness Together?

  1. Fitness Together is small, intimate and client-focused in their approach to wellness.
  2. Proximity – it was close to home and on my “typical traffic pattern from home to work”.
  3. Three people:Jerry, Teris and Brian.Jerry recognized me as “former athlete”.While I was not a great athlete, the mindset, determination and underlying motor mechanics still existed ….in an older body. Teris and Brian provided solid programming. They supported and cared for me especially on days when I had difficulty caring for myself.

Where am I now? Where am I going? My goal is to age gracefully with a good level of fitness and enthusiasm for life. In the last 2 ½ years, I am regaining my “sense of self” despite the loss of my brother and husband. So many transitions occur in our 50’s to 60’s. Learning how to navigate them is key. The fitness regimen of 2-3 sessions per week has been essential to my physical and mental well-being. I combine training with bike riding and contradancing. At 60-years-old, I have introduced new activities. At Clark’s Trading Post, I rode a Segway and attempted the rock wall with Ken’s daughter, Suzanne, and the grandkids. While I did not reach the top, but I did make it up 3/4s. I have also returned to soul-feeding activities like church choir. Another benefit includes weight loss. My weight is down in the 130s, a marked improvement from the 170s. My joints no longer ache although I have had arthritis in my hands and feet for over 15 years (judo, gymnastics, bad shoes and genetics!)

Thank you Fitness Together family.

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Kevin and Saulina De Almeida

Highlight CLient

Fitness Together in North Attleboro has been an absolute amazing experience that will forever be in the hearts of my wonderful wife Saulina and myself. Saulina for a long time was very interested in a life change for better health and fitness lifestyle. To look and most importantly feel better and I honestly wanted nothing to do with that because in my mind I felt just fine. Saulina went after her passion in researching on information about places that offered personal training and requested information to try and see what were good options. Saulina knew she would need a place that would coach her and motivate her. She also wanted to find a place that would actually get me started on a fitness program that would help me, as I was anti fitness or anti any type of workout activity ever in my entire lifetime.

On July 12th 2017 I received a phone call from a gentleman by the name of Jerry Espinosa while I was on a day trip with my family in Newport Rhode Island and he said he was from Fitness Together in North Attleboro responding to a request on some information about joining fitness program because I then found out Saulina was searching and put my information down (she was thinking of every way to get me some where fitness) I spoke to Jerry and from that first conversation I said to myself WOW what a great talk like I felt very respected. We later set up a time to meet with Jerry and he showed us around his studio with a tour and a lot of great information that told you this place was very knowledgeable in what they do with fitness but I wasn’t convinced yet as my wife Saulina was super ready to get started. Jerry kept at me to try to do Fitness Together as a couple and I was nope I am all set this is something Saulina is interested in not me I feel fine and there was never any pressure or anything he then changed my mind by saying a few simple words that today I realize are so very true and I will forever be thankful to him to get me started with Saulina on this journey.

On about July 19th 2017 we officially started with Fitness Together and began our sessions with Jerry and shortly got to know his wife Teris who helped us on nutrition and gave us so much great information on eating clean. We also met Brian and Brook Espinosa who are Jerry and Teris children who always made us feel at home in that studio with like a very comfortable home environment along with there staff John, Katelyn, Steve and Rick who later joined the team who are all great, knowledgeable and they practice what they preach.

Truth is I needed this life change as I was overweight and not in a good place for health. Cholesterol was high out of control along with high blood pressure and I know today I feel so much better for sure as our doctor says to keep doing what you doing because you are getting great results.

Today in September 2018 Saulina and myself feel like new people for sure but it wasn’t always easy but we have to work for the results with the help of this great team that moves us along. Hard work, commitment, consistency and help from FT will get you results for sure.

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Brian Ferland

Highlight Client

I was turning 50 and my metabolism was slowing even further down and I was losing strength. I normally helped bring in my docks at the camp, but last year I had a hard time lifting them. Just at that time, I got an email from Jerry asking how I was doing. It was a welcome email as I had been thinking that I needed to get back to a gym and doing some workouts. After meeting with Jerry and telling him I needed help, he answered in the simple manner he always did, “yeah Brian we can help you”. Well that was the start of my training. In a few months, I could feel the strength returning. Later while working with Brian E, he stated “when are you going to start focusing on nutrition?” That was around early December and after a few talks with Teris and some information on their nutrition programs, I started in on eating better and tracking my meals. Well it is all paying off now. So far I am down 50 lbs and at this point I had to set some new goals. Can’t say that it was easy, but my crew at Fitness Together has been providing the extra support. It does make it easier when I have an appointment to keep on my training and a journal tracking my calories.

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Cole Calistra

I had started 2017 with a health scare which was caused by elevated blood pressure and was put on medication by my doctor. My doctor recommended exercising and losing weight. I tried losing some weight on my own, but after 6 months I had only lost about 10 pounds.

In November, I finally decided to make a permanent change but didn’t know what to do. I had never been in shape in my 44 years or ventured inside of a gym. I remembered seeing Fitness Together down the street from my house and looked them up online. I filled out the contact form and received a nice call from Teris to schedule an assessment. I had heard horror stories about high pressure sales tactics that some gyms can apply, but when I went in to meet Teris and Brian there was none of that. Teris gave me a tour of the facilities, explained how they work their program specific for each person and what I could expect from the workouts. I could tell right away they actually cared about all the people they were training and treated them as family.

The workouts with Brian are challenging, but he is very careful to only push me in a measured way so that I don’t get hurt or end up too sore to workout the next time. To date I’ve lost 45 pounds (35 since joining FT) and I feel much stronger and for the first time in my life I feel as if I am finally getting in shape. No longer do I get tired from simple activities and I am even getting compliments on the change in my appearance from friends and family. I’ve had to buy a bunch of new clothes because my old clothes were way too big on me. I had been wearing size XL shirts but now I’m buying shirts in size medium, and dropped from a 38” to a 33” waist. Plus, I visited my doctor and he told me my blood pressure had returned back to normal and I no longer needed to take the medication he prescribed. I am even working out on my own on the days in between my appointments with Brian and look forward to it.

They are even terrific about working around my schedule for work and re-arranging my appointments when some last minute travel comes up. In addition, Brian and Teris give me helpful advice on how to stay healthy and keep up my program when I am away. In short, I can’t recommend Fitness Together highly enough. The team there is outstanding and will work closely with you to meet and exceed your goals.

Lorrie driving her jeep again!
Lorrie riding her bike! *

Lorrie Manosh

The most important thing to us at Fitness Together is that client's life is improved by training. We love when a client is able to move better and feel freer in their body. FT is especially excited to be apart of Lorrie Manosh's journey. To see how her improvements are effecting her life is a pure blessing. Below Lorrie has written a her testimonial about her recovery from a recent stroke. In her testimony she writes that her next goal would be to ride her bike and we would like to proudly announce that she is able to do that too.

That This past March I had a stroke which left me with limited function on my right side, especially the use of my leg. I left the hospital and rehab with a walker. At just 43 years old this was not the way I wanted to continue life. From March to June I went through rehab at a local facility to regain what I had lost. They were able to get me walking without a walker, however my right side still lacked a lot of muscle function and I walked with a limp and still wasn't able to drive. In June I started working with Teris at Fitness Together. Teris has been an amazing support both emotionally and physically in regaining strength and movement to my right leg as well as overall body improvement. She set me up on a program that I could work with daily at home when not working in the gym. She's there to encourage me as well as answer any questions I have. The support from Teris as well as the other trainers at Fitness Together has made a difference in my recovery. In just 3 weeks after starting at Fitness Together I have gained the strength needed to start driving again. Our next goal is a bike ride and I look forward to achieving what is set before me. Teris and Fitness Together have made what at times felt impossible possible!

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Bill Maya

I’ve been training at Fitness Together in North Attleboro for over five years and my wife says I’m probably in the best shape I’ve ever been since she first met me thirty years ago when I was twenty-three (she is slightly biased but as far as I know she hasn’t ever lied to me).

When I started training weekly back in January of 2012 I had some vague, middle-aged goals like lose weight and get in shape. Over the years, with the help and guidance of all the FT trainers (John, Jerry, Teris, Brian, Kelsey, Ryan, and Sean to name a few) I’ve achieved those goals and then some. How close did I come? Well, with slight changes to my diet, I’m closing in on 215 pounds, down from a high of 250, and I just ran my fourteenth 5K obstacle race up and down some of the most grueling hills in Diamond Hill Park this past April. And by the way, that last race, I did three laps, ten plus miles total, my personal best.

I would not have considered doing any of this without the guidance and support of the professionals at Fitness Together in North Attleboro. Individual sessions tailored to my age and temperament have given me results that are apparent, cumulative, and long-lasting. I can’t imagine exercising anyplace except FT North Attleboro. You’ll probably feel the same way I do if you decide to try it.

Richie and Sherry Before
Richie and Sherry After
After *

Richie and Sherry

Prior to Training at Fitness Together Sherry and I were Fit and Health conscience people. We lost sight of our health though when we opened our own business as it consumed all of our time and energy. Given that along with added stress; decreased activity; and comfort eating and were on the road to serious weight gain and poor health! It all changed for us when we realized that we were totally different people and on the road of exhaustion. It was at that time that we decided to make some Life changes and started Training at Fitness Together. It was there that our trainers inspired us to start making healthier life choices in training and nutrition while balancing our busy lives. The team at FT motivated us to make fitness and good nutrition a lifestyle as we’ve set and attained our goals. Sherry and I love training together and it is really exciting to help each other to stay Fit and Healthy in our workouts and food choices. We rely on each other for strength and most importantly in enjoying our lives together. Thanks to Our Training Team at Fitness Together we now have the resources to maintain and improve on the Results we’ve gained! It is now our Journey to Stay Fit For Life and we would recommend it to anyone!!

Richie Kearns

Katherine Tamulionis

My name is Katherine Tamaulionis and I am a former three sport athlete at Foxboro High School in Soccer, Basketball and Track and Field. I have trained with Fitness Together over the past year in an effort to prepare myself for the rigors of three sports while getting ready to compete in two sports for college where I will be a Division II Athlete. My conditioning coaches Jerry and Brian have given me the strength, explosiveness, and foundation to help carry me through during my career in college. I was fortunate enough to meet Coach Espo during my senior year during soccer and basketball with the weekly in-season workouts helping me to compete at a high level while staying injury free. I would recommend Fitness Together's program and Jerry and Brian to any competitive athlete that is looking for structure and training for their upcoming season!

Stephanie Mattson

Sports Specific Training

I'm Stephanie Mattson, an 18 year old Track and Field athlete from Smithfield RI. I place in the RI State Championships in 2014 and made All State in the Long and Triple Jump, but I wanted to be stronger and faster, and I set the goal of becoming a State Champion. The training at Fitness Together helped me to reach my goals with an individualized program. The sessions were effective, fun, and pushed me hard, while knowing my limits and long term goals. Coach Espo's (Jerry) Training enhanced my confidence, strength, endurance, and speed that was necessary for me to meet my goal of becoming a state champion while also scoring additional points my team as we won the State Team Title. Not only did I meet my goal of becoming Long Jump State Champion, I set personal and school records in all four of my events at the state meet which would not have been possible without the knowledge and training of Coach Espo. I am now looking forward to competing on the next level as a collegiate Track and Field athlete.

Gary Marecek

Well, it had finally happened. I stepped on the scales and I could no longer see my toes. Unfortunately, I could see my weight at 255 pounds. Where did all the fat come from? This was my ah-hah moment. I had to do something. I had tried fitness clubs and even the Y and found these less than fulfilling. Too many people. Waiting for equipment. Nobody to tell me if what I was doing was helpful or not. And to be honest, the biggest obstacle was getting my butt off the couch.

This all changed when I walked into Fitness Together and met Jerry. He took the time to ask what I was looking for and explained the best way to achieve my goals. After a preliminary workout to see just how out of shape I was, Jerry got me started and on the road to success. He and his team worked me hard and harder to get in shape. The 1 on 1 Training and both aerobic and anaerobic training have made a huge difference in my life. The variety of exercises working on different areas of my body keeps the sessions interesting and fun, sort of, and by the end of the session, I feel like I have accomplished something.

Of course the fact that I can now see my toes and even my abs and the scale reads 208 is the biggest payoff!*

Dr. Gary Marecek

After *

John Grover Jr

FT Client

I contemplated losing weight and getting into shape for over 2 years, always finding excuses to do nothing. I have been type 2 Diabetic since my mid 20’s. I have been insulin dependent for 15+ years. In November 2010 at my physical I weighed 250 lbs, my insulin intake kept increasing over the years due to poor control. I was also taking pills for Cholesterol, Blood Pressure, and Diabetes. At my physical my dr. encouraged me to make changes. After every physical my medication dosages were increasing. I was taking 270 units of insulin / 5 injections per day. My personal life was in disarray as well, job down sizing, divorce, financial issues and relocation from NH to MA. My self esteem and confidence was depressing.

After my physical I made the decision that change was needed, if I wanted to be around to see my kids grow up. My health was in serious decline and I needed to take a serious approach for improvement. My dad died in his late 40s and grand parents in their 60’s due to diabetes. I started a new job in Holliston Ma, and was moving to Plainville Mass when I found Fitness Together. I emailed Jerry a couple times before stopping in. I was still unsure if I was ready to do this, still thinking of reasons why not to. I set up a meeting with Jerry and we talked about my current situation and my goals. Jerry was great and I felt he genuinely cared about helping me improve my life and help me feel better about myself. I made the decision to commit to a plan to help me achieve my goals in 6 months.

Jerry set me up with Kirby; I have been working with Kirby since Jan 2011. I want to thank Jerry, Kirby and the staff at FT for all the support and encouragement. I especially want to thank Kirby for all the support, commitment, advice, and caring enough to go the extra mile. Kirby helped me improve my total self. I have achieved goals I thought were impossible, I feel great, my confidence is much better, noticed by others. I am living a much healthier life style and have a much more positive outlook on life and my future. My kids notice the change as well and I feel I will be able to be around to see them grow and be apart of their life. Kirby has given me the tools and the training required continue a healthy life style, I thank Kirby from the bottom of my heart, I would not have done this with out her help and support. I trusted and took Kirby’s advice to heart; she encouraged me to see a dr. about my back pain. Kirby even went the extra mile to get phone number and address for me. Her encouragement and advice was important, I found out I have a rare genetic back disease called DISH. With this disease it is important for me to exercise regularly to keep from loosing mobility throughout the spine.

I have eliminated the need for insulin injections, I was taking Humalog injections 3x per day at 40 units per dose, and Lantus injections 2x per day 75 units. This was a total of 5 injections per day, 270 units of insulin per day along with the pills. As of May 2011, I have eliminated all injections; I do not have to take insulin injections at all.* I am in the process of elimination of blood pressure meds and reductions of the other medications.* I was told I would never get off of insulin, but you can achieve this by changing your life style.*

I will not go backwards, Kirby has giving me the tools to continue living a healthier life style. Now it is up to me to continue driving forward. I have a lot of motivation to continue.

I feel so much better about my self, how I feel, my appearance, my ability to go out and do activities without running out of breath. Life is Good….I couldn’t say that 6 months ago…

Thank You ……………… Jerry-Kirby-Ryan-Kyle-FT Staff………………

Jan-2011 June 2011

Cholesterol: 140 149 Good*

Bad Cholesterol: 88 99 Good*

Good Cholesterol: 34 37 still little low but better*

Weight: 250 195*

A1C: 7.9 5.9 Good*

Blood Sugar 162 99 Good*

After *

Brian Benoit

Jerry told me he had a trainer named Kyle who he thought would be a perfect fit for me. I met Kyle and told him I wanted to lose weight and gain muscle but get lean like a pro cyclist. Kyle was very confident that he could get me where I wanted to go so I just did everything he told me to do with as much effort as I could. At first the process was slower than I wanted but Kyle kept encouraging me to stick with him because we were right on schedule. After 3 months I felt 100 times better and my clothes were fitting better but I had only lost 2lbs!! I was frustrated but Kyle kept me straight by insisting we were poised for a breakthrough if I just kept pushing so we kept pushing. Then a couple of weeks later when I put my pants on I noticed that they were falling off of me…wow. So I jumped on the scale and I was down 10lbs!!!* Yes finally!!! We’ve kept at it and now I’m 3lbs away from my goal. I’ll hit that goal in the next week or two but more importantly I am in the best overall shape of my life. I am getting more lean and toned every day as Kyle has turned up the heat to get me totally ready for the best cycling season of my life. I can’t wait to get back on my bike. I’m confident that I will be 10 times stronger this season.

Kyle is a great trainer who knew just how and when to push me. He kept me focused and interested and although he probably doesn’t realize it he helped me get a grip on this part of my life. So although it doesn’t seem like enough I’ll simply say Thanks Kyle…WE DID IT!!!!

Before After

Cholesterol: 160 118*

Bad Cholesterol: 84 50*

Good Cholesterol: 44 57*

Weight: 188 168 *

John Marchelletta

FT CLient for almost 2 years

Fitness Together Gets Results

Whether your goal is to lose weight, gain lean muscle, reshape and tone your body or train for first road race, Fitness Together will help get you healthy, individual programs for men, women and children of all ages and fitness levels.

Personal training workouts combine strength and cardio training with nutritional coaching. Our certified personal trainers encourage and motivate you to help get results

For More info: http://www.FTGets

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David Lowder

About a year ago, I had gone to a Red Sox game and put some photos on my blog. My mom's response caught me by surprise; she said you're really starting to put on some weight. I'd been thinking about going to a gym or doing something to get in shape and her comment made me finally decide I needed to do something. The next day I walked in and talked with Sarah. Sarah set me up with a consult with Jerry. I liked the approach of having one-on-one training and Jerry had me begin working with Ryan. I played basketball on Saturdays and knew I was a little out of shape. It wasn't until my first workouts with Ryan that I became keenly aware of just how out of shape I had become. After a few weeks I began to see a difference. Coming in regularly for my workouts and doing the extra cardio was giving me more energy and I wasn't getting as tired from playing basketball or other physical activities. Yet, it wasn't until Ryan really got after me to keep my food journal and be more aware of what I was eating and most importantly the portions that I was eating that I began to see significant changes. The weight started to drop, energy increased, flexibility increased, and I just felt better both physically and mentally. I could play basketball on Saturday mornings and didn't 4-6 hours to recover, I still had plenty of energy to do things. Then friends, co-workers, and family members started coming up to me and asking what did you do, you look great. Those comments just helped motivate me even more to continue doing what I was doing. Ryan even started calling me "Slim Dave". I had some specific goals set for myself when I started and I reached them much sooner than I had expected. Everyone here as been great to work with and I consider them all my friends now. I'm looking forward to continuing working with Ryan during the next year. I've also set a new goal for the next year. It is to dominate one of Sarah's workouts. She covered for Ryan once when he was on vacation and her workout really wore me out. It was a few months ago and I still remember it. Sarah you're on notice, I want a rematch.

After *

Bob Bibeault

I started 2009 with a commitment to lose weight and get myself into shape. Without Jerry and everyone else at FT I would have never reached my goals. My initial goal was to lose about 30 lbs and after 4 1/2 months I am happy to say I have lost 40lbs.* Not only have I lost the weight but I feel physically and mentally better than I ever have. I have a high stress job during the winter and the workout programs at FT helped not only relieve a lot stress but it gave me more energy to perform my job more effectively.

Over the course of the last several months I have worked out with both Jerry and Ryan and without their expertise in fitness training as well as their encouragement I would have never survived my workout sessions. Although I have always been active I have never enjoyed working out but they have taught me the rewards of fitness training. It is a total life style change but worth the effort it takes.

I have been always opposed to working out at a big gym due to the lack of privacy and being watched by others. At FT that is not an issue due to the private studios and the one on one training system that they have. Their system gave me the comfort level that I needed to work out and not have others watching what I was doing and critiquing how I was doing it.

I strongly recommend FT North Attleboro to anyone that wants to look better and feel better. I have been asked what I did to lose so much weight and I tell them they should visit FT. Thank you for changing my life.

After *

Sandra Mulcahy

"Let me start with a very big "THANK YOU" to Fitness Together, especially my personal trainer Sarah. I actually stumbled upon the studio one day as it is next door to my dry cleaner. I stopped in to see what Fitness Together was all about. I spent some time with Teris and she went through the program with me, including the exercise and nutritional aspects. I was a pretty easy sell as I was ready to make a change. I've always been fairly slim all of my life, even without a consistent exercise schedule. But, like many other women out there, things change as you get older. The pounds creep up and they don't come off as easily. Over the past year I have been struggling with that last 10 pounds, you know that 10 pounds that never wants to leave!! Well, this year I will be fifty and my goal is to be "Fabulous at Fifty". I found all the staff to be very informative and friendly. I started my program with Sarah on 10/29/08. Sarah is full of energy and very upbeat. Like most, I have a crazy job, work long hours and have a long commute. I've always struggled with getting myself to the gym, one of the biggest reasons I signed up for personal training. I look forward to my sessions and always feel great when they are done. Everyone always told me that once you start exercising, you will feel great. Well for years I went to the gym and never did I ever "feel great" after, it was a struggle to get through the workout and all I was at the end was tired. That has totally changed. Sarah knows how to push you to do just one more, and make you happy you did. My sessions fly by, they are fun and I look forward to going back. My workout is tailored for me and it works, I am seeing incredible changes in my figure and how I feel. Not only have I conquered the physical part, I have completely changed the way I eat. My personal trainer has helped me make much better choices. My diet is much better now and I am amazed at the results I have achieved in such a short time. For the first time, I made it through a holiday season and a two-week cruise and did not have to start the new year with any extra weight - I actually continued to lose. When I returned from the cruise on 1/16/09, I had my first retest. I've lost 14 lbs (10% of my body weight) and 8.5 inches, and improved in all areas of fitness including flexibility, strength and cardiovascular.* I've noticed so many changes in how my clothes fit, I can wear all my skinny clothes and I feel great. I've always been healthy, but now I am making changes so that I will stay healthy and attain my goal of "Fabulous at Fifty" and beyond. During this difficult economic time people think I am crazy for investing in a personal trainer, they think it is a luxury. But, I can't think of a better investment than my health and well being. All of the staff are great, Sarah, Teris, Jerry and Ryan. They make you feel at home when you're there, they are the best cheering section and are always there to encourage you and acknowledge your accomplishments. "

Selena Graham

After gaining 70lbs with my son three years ago and losing 30 of it before becoming pregnant with my daughter, I was in dire need of a lifestyle change coupled with structured exercise. Four months after she was born I noticed the “Grand Opening” sign at Fitness Together in North Attleboro. Little did I know that seeing that sign would change my life in so many positive ways a short time later. Upon meeting Jerry and having a trail workout session with Teris, I knew FT was what I needed. Like most people, finding time and energy to work out is a challenge on a daily basis. I had tried doing it on my own, but always had an excuse. FT was ideal because I had “appointments” and needed to really try to keep them; so motivated or not, I got myself into that studio and always left feeling elated and energetic! Some might question the word “elated” when speaking in terms of exercise, but I thank my trainer, Sarah Brenner, for my blissful exits. I feel lucky to have met and worked with her. She’s dedicated, innovative, caring, genuine, extremely, knowledgeable and FUN! Every workout with her was like meeting up with an old friend and chatting away….sure I was out of breath, but I loved it! No workout was ever the same-she always brought on new challenges and ideas that made the sessions fun and, more importantly, gave me results!!! She knew how to push me to my limit with tact; beyond the farthest reach I ever knew I had. I n conjunction with essential training sessions, Sarah also made a world of difference with my eating habits. I found that making small changes like cutting out enriched white flour and high fructose corn syrup were east to do and were pivotal in helping me to reach my goals. I have learned that it’s not about “dieting”, but about incorporating small changes and making some sacrifices. Over the course of seven months, I’ve lost 30lbs and a total of 24 inches.* I am well on my way to reaching my final goals and am beholden to Sarah and the rest of the gang at FT for getting me here. Thank You!!

After *

Sandy Velluti

Hi, my name's Sandy Velluti and I have been a member of Fitness Together since opening day. I had made my mind up to get in shape for many reasons, but probably the most important was that I was getting married in June and wanted to be a happy, healthy bride! I had also become stuck in a rut of going to work, sitting at my desk all day, and not eating correctly, which was affecting my weight, my health and my attitude. I knew something had to change.

From day one at FT I knew I had made the right choice. Jerry and Teris are terrific, and have always made me feel at home there. My personal trainer is Sarah, whom is awesome! She can kick your butt and seem nice doing it at the same time! She gives me the incentive I need, and keeps me going when I feel like I can't make it another rep. I walk in each day happily, actually looking forward to my workout! Sarah has even got me into boxing, I love it! It's fun and I can really feel the difference in my body from this type of workout.

Additionally I love the nutritional aspect of the program. I write down everything that I eat or drink in my journal. Wow does that make a difference! I find that I keep away from things that I don't want to write down. It's the accountability that keeps me from cheating! I also find that I am not just changing physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. It reflects in my relationships at home with both my fiancé and my son, and also at work with my coworkers and customers. I am much less stressed, and mornings after a good nights sleep from a great workout the previous night, I am ready to get up and go! I feel confident that my future will remain healthy and happy. I feel great and want to continue to feel great, and look fabulous walking down that aisle!