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Personal Training Partners

A listing of local business partnerships around the North Attleborough, MA studio.

Pivot Nutrition

Hi! I'm Laura, a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist (RD) with a passion for all things food, nutrition, and fitness. I love helping people reach their goals and improve their nutrition. My expertise is nutrition, but all nutrition programs incorporate your overall lifestyle, including your personal/work schedule, diet quality/food preferences, eating habits, physical activity, sleep quality, stress levels, mental/emotional health, and other important factors that influence our nutrition and health.

Perform Better-The Experts in Functional Training and Rehabilitation

Perform Better knows fitness equipment for functional training, full body training, and rehabilitation. Jim Giroux and their knowledgeable staff offer great products and service and expert advice to help our Fitness Together owners provide the best personal training in the world.

Attleboro Chiropractic Health Center

Welcome to Attleboro Chiropractic Health Center! We are conveniently located by the train station in downtown Attleboro. Dr. Terrence Aussant and the staff at Attleboro Chiropractic have the skills and experience to assist you in acheiving you healthcare goals. If you have suffered with a new injury or continue to experince chronic reoccurring pain, call 508.431.2920 to take the first step towards feeling better. Every person and every injury is unique. Our evaluation will show you where your muscles are tight, tender, overactive, weak, restricted and/or deconditioned. Any combination of which can result in pain and decreased function of the injured region. Dr. Aussant will review and explain the findings, at which time a customized treatment plan will be designed to reach your goals.