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September Highlight Client-Pat Papa

Sep 17, 2019

My name is Pat Papa and I’ve been with Fitness Together since January. I’ve always been active and in fact, I’ve been a runner for more than 45 years. As I got older I had to incorporate other forms of exercise into my routine to give my joints break from running every day. Subsequently, I joined a gym for 20+ years, began spinning, took up golfing, and incorporated small group workouts of strength training on non-running days. This exercise regimen worked well until I became bored working out at the gym and the small group training. My gym routine was boring and the small group workouts were getting difficult to coordinate with others’ schedules.

Well, while I was off between Christmas and New Year’s I decided to give Fitness Together a call as I heard lots of great stories about them. I left my name and phone number. That very same day, Teris returned my call. She mentioned she was out of town for the holidays but wanted to acknowledge receiving my message. That blew me away! I thought to myself, It’s the holidays, this woman is away on vacation and she’s calling me back the same day?? I couldn’t believe it. Teris called me again the next day (while still on vacation) to discuss my goals. My goal was probably a bit unique in that I wasn’t interested in losing weight; I was interested in a challenging workout that would keep my joints healthy as I continue to get older.

After my first visit, I knew I was “all in” and that Fitness Together was the place for me. They design customized programs to help me achieve my personal fitness goals with one-on-one training. All the trainers are really great! They are knowledgeable and professional and committed to helping me strengthen my core and tone my muscles, while staying healthy. And, much to my surprise, scheduling my sessions has never been easier, and the studio is clean and has all the best equipment. In addition, the clients I’ve met are great, too! There’s such a great comradery between the clients and the trainers and it’s obvious to anyone observing a session. Every workout at FT has been challenging and fun, and I’m always looking forward to my next session!

Fitness Together is a special place and I feel very fortunate to be a member of this terrific family! I’m critical when it comes to gyms and various workout or exercise programs, and I’m happy to say that Fitness Together has helped me achieve my fitness goals and has exceeded my every expectation! Thank you, Fitness Together!


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