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Richie and Sherry

Mar 6, 2017

We wanted to take time to recognize Richie and Sherry's success. Dedication and perseverance has paid off in a big way for the two of them. Below is their testimony.

Prior to Training at Fitness Together Sherry and I were Fit and Health conscience people. We lost sight of our health though when we opened our own business as it consumed all of our time and energy. Given that along with added stress; decreased activity; and comfort eating and we were on the road to serious weight gain and poor health! It all changed for us when we realized that we were totally different people and on the road to exhaustion. It was at that time that we decided to make some Life changes and started Training at Fitness Together. It was there that our trainers inspired us to start making healthier life choices in training and nutrition while balancing our busy lives. The team at FT motivated us to make fitness and good nutrition a lifestyle as we've set and attained our goals. Sherry and I love training together and it is really exciting to help each other to stay Fit and Healthy in our workouts and food choices. We rely on each other for strength and most importantly in enjoying our lives together. Thanks to Our Training Team at Fitness Together we now have the resources to maintain and improve on the Results we've gained! It is now our Journey to Stay Fit For Life and we would recommend it to anyone!!

We at FT are wishing you the best on Your Continued Journey!!


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