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Highlight Client Pat Fulton

Feb 21, 2019

What is the Fitness Together – North Attleboro difference? One word, “Significant”.

How has Fitness Together worked for me?

My name is Pat Swift Fulton. I have participated in sports, fitness and been active all my life. In my late 50s, I gained weight, became sluggish and fell off healthy exercise routines due to:

  1. Life had become complicated. 2008 was the year of rare disorders …my husband, Ken, had been diagnosed with mesothelioma.My brother, Paul, had a spinal cord injury of an unknown origin.Caregiving became a primary focus while I tried to attend to the needs of my Mom and son, Aaron, work full time, etc.I lived the life of most 50-year-olds.
  2. The big box gyms no longer appealed to me.Too large, too impersonal, too dirty and a lack of gym respect!
  3. Proximity to home and work was poor. For me, this meant not going as it added too much to the load I carried.
  4. Self – caregivers often forget to take care of themselves.

So, what changed? Simple, “me and my mindset”. Two years ago, I joined Fitness Together after looking at a variety of training centers, big box gyms, and smaller gyms.

Why Fitness Together?

  1. Fitness Together is small, intimate and client-focused in their approach to wellness.
  2. Proximity – it was close to home and on my “typical traffic pattern from home to work”.
  3. Three people:Jerry, Teris and Brian.Jerry recognized me as “former athlete”.While I was not a great athlete, the mindset, determination and underlying motor mechanics still existed ….in an older body. Teris and Brian provided solid programming. They supported and cared for me especially on days when I had difficulty caring for myself.

Where am I now? Where am I going? My goal is to age gracefully with a good level of fitness and enthusiasm for life. In the last 2 ½ years, I am regaining my “sense of self” despite the loss of my brother and husband. So many transitions occur in our 50’s to 60’s. Learning how to navigate them is key. The fitness regimen of 2-3 sessions per week has been essential to my physical and mental well-being. I combine training with bike riding and contradancing. At 60-years-old, I have introduced new activities. At Clark’s Trading Post, I rode a Segway and attempted the rock wall with Ken’s daughter, Suzanne, and the grandkids. While I did not reach the top, but I did make it up 3/4s. I have also returned to soul-feeding activities like church choir. Another benefit includes weight loss. My weight is down in the 130s, a marked improvement from the 170s. My joints no longer ache although I have had arthritis in my hands and feet for over 15 years (judo, gymnastics, bad shoes and genetics!)

Thank you Fitness Together family.


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