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Easy ways to Get Fit with Spouse and Kids

Jul 1, 2015

If you’ve set a goal of being in shape, you know how difficult it is to go it alone. There are many distractions that can get in your way. It is easy to lose motivation. A family exercise plan is a great way for you to accomplish your fitness goals, and for the rest of your family to get in shape as well. Achieving an active family lifestyle is much easier than you think.
Set Goals and a Schedule
The first step to an active family is to set goals. These goals do not have to be anything crazy, just make sure that everyone in the family can do it. Try scheduling a 30 minute family walk, three times a week. If you make your goal specific, it will be more difficult to come up with excuses to get out of it. If something does come up, be flexible. Don’t cancel. Just reschedule your family exercise.
Create a Challenge
Nothing creates motivation like a little family competition. Whether you are working out with your spouse or your entire family, everyone will be motivated by a challenge. You could see who would be the first to exercise 5 days a week, for example. Your kids will push you on this one, after all, there’s nothing better to a kid than beating their parents at something.
Switch Up Your Activities
Another way to keep your family motivated is to switch up your activities. With the spring on the way, one of the ideas is to get outside and go on a weekly family hike. With a little research, you’ll be surprised at how many quick, family-friendly hikes there are in your area. You could also go for a family bike ride. Alternatively, go to the park and play a game of ball or tag.
The bottom line is that if everyone gets involved and supports each other with a good family exercise plan, you will all notice that you are getting in shape.


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