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Workout Music

May 29, 2012

Fueling your workouts with the right nutrients is vital to training performance. Also, proper rest and hydration play a significant role in your energy levels. Still, everyone has those days where it is extremely hard to find the motivation to get a good workout in. A key component that some people forget about is their music choice! The right music can get you amped up enough to push through fatigue and reach your fitness goals. Here is a sample playlist for some of the top songs this year as told by Shape magazine:

1. Lady Gaga- Marry the Night

2. Rihanna- We Found Love

3. Avicii- Levels

4. Grouplove- Tongue Tied

5. Daughtry- Renegade

6. Mary J. Blige- Ain't Nobody

7. The Downtown Fiction- Superbass

8. Gavin Degraw- Not Over You

Check out Itunes and amp up your workout playlist today! It might be just what you need to find some extra motivation!


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