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Whats Your Motivation

Jan 20, 2011

A simple but deeply important topic: Motivation.

Call it by any name: Drive, desire, goal setting, passion, a reason to live, but what ever you name it, Motivation is what keeps us living.

Motivation is vital for life. It gets us up in the morning, taking care of our kids, jobs, chores, workouts, meetings, parties, prayer and gets us back to sleep again.

Motivation is also vital in working towards our health and fitness goals. Many of us want to look, feel and act a certain way. We'd like to look good naked, to feel confident about our bodies, to live long enough to see our grandkids (graduate college?) and be fit enough to not miss out on life due to injury or fear. Many of us don't achieve these goals. I'd argue a lack of motivation is the biggest part of this equation.

So the question I wanted to pose with this blog post is as follows:

What's your motivation to be fitter and happier every day? Why go to the gym? Why turn down another piece of birthday cake? Why choose to go to bed instead of watching more TV?

Obviously there is no one answer to this question, but I would strongly suggest you take 15 minutes and write down all of your motivations for making healthier choices in life. Yes, actually write it down. NOW. Now make copies and put them where you spend most of your time (office, car, briefcase, bed table). When confronted with all of the decisions that life offers, hopefully your list of "motivations" will help to keep you moving in the direction you truly want. It is often easier to get to a workout when you know it's for all the right reasons (for your family, for your well being and because it just feels good). With the right motivation obstacles become merely opportunities. Go have some opportunities!


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