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Week one ketchup (El oh El)

Nov 25, 2014

Week one: ketchup (El Oh El)

Hi FT Fam! Week one was a great start for me and a good test of my willpower. Two of my first three days of the challenge I had a work-lunch with my group. This is typically my most difficult time to make good choices with food. When I have my meals prepared and have properly focused my mind on what I will be eating for the day/week then I stick to it. But, when I am out at a restaurant I have this idea that getting something healthy just doesn’t make sense, paying for healthy food at a restaurant is so foreign to me and I know it is a weakness when I am trying to eat healthy. What I did to combat this was took a look at the menu ahead of time and planned exactly what I would eat so there would be no devil on my shoulder once I sat down and a menu was put in my face. Another thing I did to set myself up for success was have a handful of almonds, banana and a large glass of water about 45 minutes before I went out to eat. Not having an empty stomach is such a critical tool when battling the menu monster, you tend to not crave the bad foods when you have a semi satiated stomach. In total at my two team lunches, I ordered hummus with vegetables, a chicken salad with some healthy schmealthy vinaigrette dressing and a chicken sandwich (sans bun) with a side salad.

You may be thinking, what’s the big deal Brett, but when you consider my normal two meals would contain fries, fried chicken, pasta, buffalo wings and a potential dessert, I am very happy with my ability to choose healthy while eating out in my first week. Besides those meals I have been very consistent with what I have been eating every day, the less I have to think, the better. My days have consisted of a breakfast of oatmeal, snack of banana and cashews, teriyaki chicken meatballs (GAME Changer) for lunch, vanilla greek yogurt and a few slices of mozzarella cheese for another snack, and typically a veggie and grilled chicken for dinner. When I am having an extra hungry day, I have been putting Franks Red Hot on an avocado and showing that thing how a cityboy gets down.

In addition to the luncheon hurdles I also had a house full of germs to combat. My beautiful wife, and your secret spy Ashley decided to try and sabotage my first week and tried her hardest to get me sick. In order to battle this, I took a hiatus to the couch for two nights last week to grab a few extra hours of sleep each night. Luckily for me, and unluckily for you guys, I came away unscathed in the sickness department.

I have not stepped on the scale yet (and wouldn’t tell you my progress if I did!!!), but I feel good. The smaller, healthier spaced out meals have my metabolism on fire! If I were a betting man, I would say I had a really good first week on the scale and would suggest to the whole FT Fam to challenge yourself this Thanksgiving week to do something active at least four days. Whether it is old school calisthenics with your sweatpants and 1980s music in your living room or taking a half hour jog before/after work, JUST GET ACTIVE!

Week two is gym time for me, my goal is four workouts as well. Stay tuned and continue to work hard, lets do this together!

Feeling a few pounds lighter,


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