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Weak 3... yes

Dec 11, 2014

Ok Im gonna come right out and say it, I WAS NOT PERFECT THIS WEEK. I had a burger on Friday and a burrito on Sunday. I also did not feel guilty about it because I know how clean I have been eating and (justifying it to myself), its still 100% better than what I was eating like before. I got spinach as a side with my burger so it felt like a small win somehow. I did not weigh myself this week but do feel like I lost some weight, clothes are fitting better and my face looks slightly less fat, yes less fat haha. Besides those two meals I have been very consistent with the meals I detailed in last week’s blog.

My plan for the upcoming Holidays (work parties, friend Christmas party, Christmas Eve party with family, Christmas Day, etc..) is to implement what I call my 5..4..2 rule. That is, eat incredibly clean 5 days out of the week, workout 4 days out of the week, and allow yourself 2 meals of your choosing. During the Holiday season there are weeks when 3-5 events may be going on but if you stick to the 5.4.2 rule, you have to prioritize which celebrations you are going to let yourself eat at so you must still use self-control!

Have a great week number 4 and please ask me questions or let me know how your progress is going! I feel like this has been a one way street, I would love to get inspired from each of you!!!

Looking forward to hearing from you!


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