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Was it worth it?

Aug 7, 2015

As a trainer my job can have me wearing many different hats. Some I am qualified for, some I am not, some yet to be determined haha. Of course there is the trainer hat, the drill sergeant hat, the supportive hat, the motivational and encouraging hat, friend hat, psychologist hat, relationship expert hat, the doctor hat, the physical therapist hat, the nutritionist hat, the positivity hat, the creative hat, the what was my teenager thinking did you ever pull that $h!t on your parents hat! With all these hats, it’s no wonder my hair line is not what it used to be…

For this blog I am using my priest hat. No I am not going to bless your broccoli, I can’t give you any prayers that might make you enjoy pushing the sled more, and I am not going to curse your adipose tissue to an eternity of hell fire (though that would be an interesting way to burn fat…). No I am simply saying sometimes I feel like my clients think they have sinned. They approach me with an ashamed look on their face, their voice drops low into an almost whisper and they proceed to tell me what horrible unhealthy food choices they made over the weekend, on vacation, or just snacking at home. I can often see them relax as soon as the words exit their mouth, like they have been carrying this shame around the last few days, and just getting it off their chest has made them feel so much better about it. For this reason I am happy to listen to the confessions, I would even set up a booth if I thought it would help! I do how ever have a couple of problems with this.

My first issue, is that their one slip up is eating at my clients so much they feel they have to confess this to me in the first place. It’s a different story if we are going over their nutrition and need to know what they are consuming. To be so ashamed, embarrassed, disappointed ect. in their not so healthy choice that it stuck with them and made them feel like they had to confess to me is a bummer. As you are reading this please keep in mind it is not the confession that is a bummer, I am happy to hear the confession, especially if they makes my client feel better! I just don’t think any of you should feel the need to confess. If you make a poor food choice, have a momentary slip up, it is not a big deal! Getting down on yourself about it can lead you down a bad and dangerous path. If it does bother you that you couldn’t resist the cookie, bag of chips, pasta, double mocha frappaccino with extra whip then simply make a better choice at the next opportunity. One candy bar never made anyone over weight. One soda didn’t give anyone diabetes. Stressing over that one choice can cause more damage than the choice its self. Instead congratulate yourself on a job well done when you make a good decision!

My second problem with this confessional business is that more often than not after the confession, if I ask was it good? I hear “eh it was okay” or “not really but I ate the whole thing anyways”. WHAT!?!?!?! It wasn’t even good and you kept eating it? What was the point of that? If you bite into something that looked way better than it actually tasted stop right away. Otherwise you are wasting a prime opportunity for a cheat meal, which you are not even enjoying to its full awesomeness. DISCLAIMER: This next statement is not a free pass to go eat whatever you want because the trainer said it was okay. If you are going to feel guilty enough about eating something that you must confess it to me, then when I ask how it was, I should see your eyes light up like my wife’s when she sees it is Harry Potter weekend on ABC Family. You should describe to me a piece of cake that was so unbelievably delicious you can still feel the moist texture against your tongue, and vividly remember each and every bite as the fluffy goodness swirled around your mouth like a cloud of chocolate and vanilla on a warm summers eve. At least then you enjoyed every second of it and it satisfied that craving. At least then you were conscious for the whole experience rather than just mindlessly eating junk food. At least then it was worth it.

Best wishes to you all, make good choices, and when you don’t, make the bad ones count!

-Mike Gilmore

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