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Valentines Day? Eat Some Chocolate (Dark, that is)

Valentines Day? Eat Some Chocolate (Dark, that is)

Eric-Fitness Together Newtonville & Auburndale

Its Valentines Day! That means chocolate upon chocolate upon chocolate! Fortunately, you know the word MODERATION. While I am not advocating you to gorge all day on these sweets, I am telling you to enjoy the holiday and have a few dark chocolate bits.

Dark chocolate constitutes anything over 65% cocoa. These are the ones that will give you some benefit while also satisfying that sweet tooth of yours.

Dark chocolate contains flavonoids which act as antioxidants, clearing up free radicals within the body. Also, the dark variations also stimulate endorphin and serotonin release, which gives you the overall feel of well being (which is why it can be hard to put down after you start eating).

Enjoy a few pieces today, and reap the benefits of dark chocolate!


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