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Tips on rethinking your diet

May 28, 2014

“I exercise regularly and watch what I eat so why aren’t I losing weight?” This is a question we hear a lot here at FT Newtonville and at other health and fitness facilities as well, I am sure. And while the question is simple enough, the parts that equal the whole are not always quite as straightforward as most people would like. To be honest, there is no one thing that will work for most people, it is a combination of approaches that work time and time again. Let’s take a look at where things may be going wrong in your approach.

1. Alcohol Consumption

Often, when we ask people about their diet (nutrition habits) they tell us they eat pretty well and do not think that is where they are falling short. However, when we do finally talk about what a day in the life looks like one thing we hear regularly is clients like to enjoy their wine at night, with the wine comes the cheese and with the cheese comes the lovely toast points (crostini) along with said wine. Okay that might have been a dramatic case, however, alcohol consumption can very well be one of the things holding you back from making the desired progress. For reference

If you are curious about these facts you can visit the website here and join in on the discussion. With these numbers in mind it is important to realize that not only are these excess calories but they also have an effect on your body’s hormone balance. I will post another point tomorrow about where things might be going wrong in your battle against the bulge. Happy Wednesday!

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