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The Muddy Spartan

Nov 13, 2015

I love obstacle/ mud races for my clients!

When I first heard about all of these muddy obstacle races I was pumped! Though I participated in track, I never considered myself a “runner”. I always needed a purpose, other than running to get myself to run, like chasing a ball, or tackling the person with the ball, or running from my wife when I tell her Harry Potter is the most useless character in that whole series and he gets all the credit while all his friends do the work. So the idea that there was a “running race” that distracted you with obstacles was right up my alley!

Since I first discovered them, I have taken family, friends, and clients through the courses and I have learned a great deal from this.

First of all, 100% of the people I have done one of these races with, have demonstrated some level of uncertainty in themselves about whether or not they could complete the race. I would never ask someone to do something I did not believe they could do, so I of course told them they were wrong and reassured them it would be fine (I have amazing bedside manor). I am happy to report I have been able to pat myself on the back 100% of the time for being correct! Now I know how my wife feels.

Second, none of those people have ever finished the race and said “ I wish I didn’t do that”. I have seen people go from nervous and unsure of themselves, to feeling a sense of empowerment and self confidence.

Third, they may seem dangerous with all the barbed wire, and jumping over fire. In reality they aren’t that bad. Sure you might get a couple of scrapes and bruises (one particular client got a giant nasty looking bruise, you know who you are), but I personally have never witnessed anyone sustain a long term injury at one of these races. As long as you are cautious and know your limits you will be fine. I will say that doing a race a couple weeks after giving birth may not be the best idea, but hey even Ashley’s ankle healed up eventually. There are many other things more dangerous in this world, with much less reward. Such as, losing all of your mobility because you sit at a desk your whole life. Or developing any number of long term disease because of poor inadequate nutrition. I don’t know about you but for me that is way scarier.

Would I recommend someone who is completely sedentary just sign up and go for it, absolutely not. Just like any other physical event you would want to properly train for one of these races. Here at Fitness Together Newtonville we can help you with just that! If you have ever been intrigued by one of these races, but unsure if you could do it or not let us know. I am sure we can help you accomplish that goal. If you have never heard of this style of race make sure you check them out. I have inserted the links of the ones I have done before below.

Spartan Race

Tough Mudder

Be daring, try something new!

Mike Gilmore – Fitness Together Newtonville


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