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Strengthening For Golf!!

Jun 16, 2011

Golf season is in full swing (pun intended)!! How can we adapt our strength training to incorporate core stablility that will equate to longer drives, easier shots out of the rough, and prevent injury? Try this routine out to improve your golf game!

Paloff Cable Hold x :30 seconds each side

Plank x :45-:60 seconds

Side Plank x :20 seconds each side

Cable Chop x 10-12 reps

Complete each movement 3 times through. Resting 45-60 seconds between sets.

Notice how there is no "crunching" movement or twisting movement. Contrary to popular belief, you do not rotate through the core when you swing. You rotate through the thoracic spine (shoulders). The function of the core through a golf swing is actually stabilization, especially through impact. The better we are at stabilizing the core during this time, the better we will be at generating power throughout the swing. More power equals more distance!



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