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Sleep Better

Jan 18, 2012

Sleep deprivation is commonplace amongst our society. Longer days and nights at the office leave us little time to unwind. Sleep is an important process that gets us hormonally and mentally charged. Yet most of us dont get enough of it. How can we take advantage of our sleep and start to feel refreshed?

Here are a few tips:

-Block out ALL light sources. Even a brighter alarm clock can influence the bodies output of melatonin (this helps keep you asleep). Put a towel over the clock, and TURN OFF YOUR T.V. before bed!

-Perform a "before" bed ritual. Take a warm bath, stretch, or do some light yoga. Drink some decaf green tea.

-Take 2-5mg of melatonin 30-45 minutes before bed on an empty stomach. This helps the body get into sleep mode faster.

Try these and get on your way to a better nights sleep!


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