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Sample Breakfast

Apr 13, 2012

A healthy breakfast is key on kick starting your day. With all the conflicting information on what a healthy breakfast consists of, it is no wonder some people are confused on what to choose. Cereal ads push high sugar, low protein, wheat based grains. It is no wonder obesity is at an all time high! The best way to start your day is with a high protein and healthy fat breakfast! This will give you sustained energy for your long work days. Below is a sample breakfast.

-2-3 egg omelet with vegetables (spinach, broccoli, etc) cooked in extra virgin olive oil

-1-2 strips of turkey bacon

-Handful of blueberries or low glycemic fruit (any berry is a great choice)

Try this breakfast out and start your day off on the right foot! You can feel full AND be healthy at the same time.


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