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Posture Correction

Mar 29, 2011

With all the driving, sitting at a computer, and hunched over positions we put ourselves in on a daily basis, its no wonder seeing a pair of "slumped" over shoulders is the norm! Usually from being in this position, the pecs become extremely tight, and we don't develop the upper back musculature to help "pull" the shoulder blades back.

Incorporating a specific stretch for the pecs and also performing upper back strength training movements can go a long way into fixing your posture.

Pectoralis Stretch:

  1. Stand in the middle of a door way with one foot in front of the other
  2. Bend your elbows to a 90 degree angle and place your forearms on each side of the door way
  3. Shift your weight on to your front leg, leaning forward, until you feel a stretch
  4. Hold for 15 seconds

A few good upper back movements you can perform (google for images):

  1. Face Pull
  2. High Pull
  3. Scapula Push Ups

Give these a try and fix that posture!!!



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