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Off Season Golf Training

Jan 27, 2012

This is wishful thinking, but I am already looking forward to the golf season. This is the time to strength train so those long par 4's dont seem too long in a few months! Also, greater strength makes it easier to get out of that long, thick rough (not that you are ever in there anyways).

Here are a few movements that you can apply to golf strengthening:

-Birddog x 15 reps each side (better mobility + better core stabilization through impact)

-Medicine Ball Chops x 15 reps each side (better mobility + better turn through impact)

-Dumbbell Shoulder Press x 15 reps (more strength through impact)

-Planks x 60 seconds (better core stabilization throughout the swing)

-Barbell Wrist Curls (forearm strength plays a big factor in getting the ball out of the heavy rough)

Work on these movements for the next few months and add some distance to your tee shot!


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