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Macronutrient Numbers

Macronutrient Numbers

Joseph Stephen, Fitness Together Newtonville

I have been thinking about ways to help folks solidify their understanding of how many grams of what they need specifically for themselves since my last post. I could not really think of a way to easily break down what you need to consume that wouldn’t take a 5,000 word report and a research abstract, so I just did the work for you…kinda.

Remember, what I said in the previous post about amounts of nutrients. Each of these columns represents the amount you want to take in on a workout day and non-workout day, also, remember what it says about timing your nutrients, especially the carbohydrates. Your fat intake should break down pretty evenly between saturated and unsaturated fats.

Non workout days are as follows

Remember, on workout days we want to time our fast acting/simple carbohydrates for post workout and on non-workout days we should look to consume complex carbohydrates all throughout the day to avoid spiking insulin. It is not as tough as it looks but it does take a dedication and thoughtful approach to achieving your goal physique.

As always, if have questions feel free to ask them.

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