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It's Assessment Time!

Jul 12, 2013

You may or may not have heard but it is indeed Assessment Week, that time for which I am sure everyone is extremely excited. You get to see the progress you have made with all of the goals you have set and…wait…what? You didn’t set any goals last time you had your assessment? Well then we will rectify that right here and right now!

“Joe, what is the big deal? Is setting goals so important that you are going to write an entire blog about it?” Yes, yes I am. Setting goals is probably the most important thing you can do in any “effective” health and wellness plan. Often when people seek to begin a training regimen they find themselves at the inception of this endeavor with two thoughts, I want to lose weight and get toned…that’s it. There is nothing wrong with that from a motivation aspect, however, when it is time to get serious we must look at ourselves a little more objectively and decide what we would like, or need to improve.

Not setting goals can make an already challenging task that much more challenging. Not having a goal means you do not really know what you are trying to achieve or where you are trying to go. This can be said about anything in life, not just health and fitness. So take some time to think about what you would like to work on between now and the next assessment week, if you are having a hard time thinking about what you would like to work on then use this page to think about some parameters. The other benefit of having goals that are specific is that your trainer will be able to design a more specific program that will help you to reach specific goals as opposed to an overall conditioning program.

So over the next few days really, I mean really think about what you would like to work on or work towards. Be objective, ask a workout buddy, take a picture, the point is to be honest with yourself about what you can work towards then write it down. This way you can come into the studio and have something specific to say and lovely trainer can set you on a course to greatness!

Oh and for the more hardcore gym rats this is a very good straight-forward read about setting goals.

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