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Initial Holiday Weigh-in and Recipe #1

Nov 18, 2014

Alright! Lets do this! Here is Brett's initial weigh- in and words of wisdom for the 2014 Fitness Together Newtonville Holiday Challenge.

5 min Prep time and 30 mins to cook, VIOLA!

Dinner Day 1 at Trainor household

Broiled Pesto marinated chicken from Trader Joes (already marinated) with roasted brussel sprouts and baby carrots. Place chicken on baking sheet or double uped tin foil (this is what I did) and place it under broiler (@ 400 degrees) for about 6 mins on each side. Cut brussel sprouts in half toss with EVOO, sea salt and pepper, add carrots. The veggies will take about 30 mins at 400 degrees - be sure to stir them once or twice as to not burn top layer. Double up on the veggies, this will satiate you and its DELICIOUS! It you like garlic, through some garlic over the veggie too :)


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