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Holiday Challenge: Week 6

Jan 9, 2015

So here we are, the last blog for this Holiday Challenge. Thanks to everyone who read the blog and/or participated. I hope it was as challenging and rewarding for you as it has been for me.

This past week was probably my best week since the competition began. I was in the gym 3 days to lift and twice early morning for a 25 min fasted incline walk on the treadmill and some tissue work (stretching and foam rolling). Luckily I know a great personal trainer! It took a lot of willpower and some planning ahead but I did not have a single cheat meal or even a bite of what I would consider a “bad” food for 7 straight days. This is a HUGE feat for me. I will admit as I am writing this I am having some cravings. What I have learned though, through this competition is once I began eating clean, it was sometimes good to eat a large “unhealthy” meal because instead of feeling full and satisfied I would feel lethargic and sick. It reminded me of how full and uncomfortable I was. I have found that my cravings became farther and fewer between. I do plan on satisfying one of my cravings (burrito, chicken parm or a large thai noodle dish) this last week of competition as well as finishing strong. My plan at this point is to weigh in before work next Tuesday January 13th at around 8am. For anyone who can’t make it, I will post a video of the weigh-in and wait to hear of your results as well! That date also represents a big step, it marks the 8 week point of our journey and I hope everyone who has committed themselves is happy with their results. Win, lose or draw, if you worked hard and improved your eating habits, you certainly won in my book.

I look forward to hearing of all the great results and hope you have a great final week of the competition!


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