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Holiday Challenge: Week 4 and 5

Holiday Challenge: Week 4 and 5

Brett Trainor, Owners Husband

Weeks 5 and 6

At this point I’ve lost track of time/dignity…

Recap of week 5 of the competition for me goes a little bit like this. Conversation inside Brett’s head (where the brain is supposed to be located)

Good Brett: “Yay Christmas week, my plan is to eat really clean all week utilize my own 5/4/2 rule and eat two meals of my choice, one on Christmas Eve and one on Christmas”

Bad Brett: “Go F*** yourself”

Good Brett: ”Excuse me sir but that was rude and I own half of his brain so I do have a say in what he eats”

Bad Brett: (num num num num)

So needless to say week 5 was a blur and this should be named Brett’s blob rather than blog.

Week 6!!

Week 6 was a nice rebound week for myself. After my struggles during Christmas with overeating I was back to my iron-willed self. I ate really clean and no longer felt the affects/effects or the prior week.

Less than two weeks left, good luck to everyone during the homestretch and let me know about your Holiday adventures, Im looking forward to hearing how you are doing!

Happy New Year, cheers to a happy and healthy 2015!


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