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Healthy Fats? They do exist!

Healthy Fats? They do exist!

Ashley Alera- Fitness Together Newtonville

We have been taught to fear "Fats" through this diet bubble we live in today! I want to clear a few things up.

1. Not all Fats are created equal

2. Fat is a macronutrient just like Carbohydrates and Proteins and our body needs it

3. Fat does not make you fat-a discrepancy in calories consumed and expended is responsible for that

There are four faces to fats (poly-unsaturated, mono-unsaturated, saturated, trans). Poly- and Mono- are very good friends to proper functioning of your brain, cells, organs, heart, nerves, and joints. Okay, so lets give our body what it needs!

Healthy Fat Sources

1. Avacado= creamy and delicious compliment to your salads

2. Olive Oil= richness to your chicken and shrimp

3. Almonds= nutty mid afternoon hunger satisfaction



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