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Grab Your Soup Ladle...It's Soup Time!

Oct 24, 2013

Hello my soon to be winter warriors! With the approaching cold weather (35◦ last night, yeah tell me about it) we humans often want to eat foods that are warm, hearty, tasty and (unfortunately) often fattening. Our foods become high GI (glycemic index) carbohydrate heavy, fat heavy and protein deficit at times and though I cannot say I am not guilty of these crimes I would like to suggest something that still satisfies the requirements of cold weather eating but will also help to satisfy the desire to keep the great physiques you have been building in your PACK and 1 on 1 sessions. I give you the Zesty Pinto Bean Soup!

Okay so maybe it does not sound as amazing and earth shattering as I thought it would in writing, however, this soup is really good. It is simple to make, does not require hours and hours of prep and comes together very quickly. It is packed full of great ingredients and you can modify it plenty of ways to make it fit what you are looking for any specific evening. I like to consider the recipe above a good start or point of reference and typically make some changes to it based on how I am feeling. Here is a list of some good modifications which will change things up.

1) Add 1-2 pounds of lean beef or turkey. More specifically brown your meat in a different pot than the one in which you are going to be cooking the soup. Once it is no longer pink add the green chiles to that same pot to flavor the meat, feel free to add some salt and pepper to the meat. Follow the directions in the recipe before adding the meat to the soup then simmer.

2) Not a fan of pinto beans or the said mashing of them, that’s cool, go with black beans, navy beans or whatever other kinds of bean you may like. Oh and as a side note, I have found that I am partial to more tomatoes in my soup so I just toss in another can and it still comes out superb. Like your soup spicy? Try adding a dehydrated poblano or chipotle pepper to the mix while the soup is simmering.

In general, adding one pound of ground turkey or beef makes this quite a hearty meal and will provide a good boost of protein to your meal. A one and a half or two spoon scoop from a soup ladle should suffice in regards to serving size.

Remember, sit down for dinner, take your time eating and when you are done assess the sitch…(Kimpossible anyone? No?) before jumping into action for the second helping. Oh and just in case you don’t know Kimpossible now you know.

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