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Aug 31, 2015

I heard a story the other day I would like to share with you. I believe this is a story a college hockey coach would tell his players, though I cannot recall the name of the coach or the team he coached so if you know who the coach is please share in the comments section so we can give credit where credit is due!

Deep in the jungles of Africa there is a pride of lions with a unique way of hunting. You see, lions favorite meal is gazelle. Unfortunately, gazelle are much quicker than lions, and thus the lions had a very hard time sneaking up on, and catching the gazelle. So the brilliant lions devised a plan. They asked grampa lion to go to one end of the field. Grampa lion was a bit frailer than he used to be so he had not joined the hunt in a long time. However, he still had the most impressive roar of the whole pride! With grampa lion at one side of the field, the young agile lions went to the other. There they hid in the deep grass and waited. When the gazelle made their way into the field, grampa lion would roar a deep, throaty, king of the jungle roar. The gazelle, terrified, instantly ran away from the fear inspiring sound, and directly into the trap of the young powerful lion pride. Dinner is served!

So what is the point? We have all heard the phrase you have to face your fear right. Well in the case of the gazelle just facing their fear might not have been enough. They would have faced in the direction of harmless grampa lion, allowing the younger lions to attack from behind. Sometimes, you must run towards your fear. Had the gazelle run towards that which scared them, they would not have become dinner.

What scares you? Fear of failing? Fear of succeeding? Fear of change? Sharing your goals, hopes, dreams with others? Whatever it is, run towards it, attack it! You might find that with every step you take towards your fear, the more you realize it isn’t as scary as you once thought .

Get comfortable being uncomfortable, and live a high quality life!

Mike Gilmore - Fitness Together Newtonville


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