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Change Your Mind 3 - Why not you?

Mar 29, 2015

Change your Mind 3 - Why not you?

If you have been following this short series from the beginning then you remember my buddy Johnny! If you have not read about Johnny or need a refresher - Go ahead and read about him, I will wait!

Are you done yet… perfect!

So as you could see, nothing held Johnny back from exploring his potential both physically and creatively! Today I hope you become inspired to explore your potential, and reach passed your perceived limitations!

With perfect timing, one of my clients showed me an article earlier this week about a group of female power lifters! Thanks for sharing CBS!!! I recommend you check it out, some pictures and a short write up.

These women are incredible, and have impressed and inspired me! One of them squats more weight than I can and she is over twice my age! For those of you who do not know me I am a 28 year old male who considers himself reasonably strong.

These women clearly did not set any limitations on themselves. I have to imagine that at some point they had a day, week, or month when their confidence dropped a bit, it happens to everyone! In the grand scope of things, in order to get to this level, they must have had a belief that they could do it! I am sure that belief got stronger with each victory, and like Johnny I imagine these women celebrated each additional pound they were able to add to their Squat, Bench, or Dead Lift, with a loud cheer, and high fives from those around them!

In order to have the success in their given sport, these women had to make it a priority. They needed to have a clear goal, and clear steps to reach that goal. The steps would have had to take into account their work life (power lifting is not a sport that pays well), personal life, sleep, nutrition, consistency with training, a well written training program and the desire to put in the required effort in all these areas and more.

Now maybe you do not care how much weight you can squat. Maybe you don’t need to set any world records. However, these women are proof that you could! They are humans, we are humans, if they can, why not you?

When you look at the photos of all the women, do they look healthy? They do to me! They look like fit, happy people! Do you think any of them have put a thought into how much they weigh? Of course! They are competitive power lifter and need to be in a certain weight class to compete! Do you think they have thought of their weight from a health or aesthetic position though? If so, probably not in a while, they have been focused on their performance! As a side note, while we are on the subject of aesthetics, let me use this moment to clear this up. These women lift hundreds and hundreds of pounds every week, and they still look like women!!!! So please do not be afraid of lifting weights and building muscle!

What are your goals? Have you thought about that recently? If you know what your goals are, have you thought about what it will truly take to reach those goals? The human body is amazing, and with enough effort is capable of incredible things! Don’t let your mind hold your body back from greatness, teach your mind to empower your body to reach beyond its current limitations and constantly seek to improve! If you can focus your mental energy on getting better at a given activity, rather getting down on yourself because you don’t think it’s possible or you think you aren’t good at it, you will begin to see incredible results no matter what your goals are! Please do not forget to celebrate your success, no matter how small. If you are better today than you were yesterday and improve again tomorrow, imagine how awesome you will be next year!

Are you pumped up yet? Ready to be the best version of yourself? It can all start today!

Live a high quality life!


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