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Beach Training

Mar 29, 2012

Ok, so I might be a little premature talking about the beach. After that week we had two weeks ago, I got a little over excited. Sticking with the beach topic, I am going to put together a little program you can do at the beach to jack up your metabolism so you are burning some extra calories sitting in the sun!

This routine will only take approximately 15 minutes to do and then you can lounge the rest of the time! Perform this circuit barefoot and make sure you have your water handy!

Mountain Climbers x 20 seconds

Lunges x 15/side

Jumping Jacks x 20 seconds

Broad Jump x 10 jumps

One Finger Cartwheel Push Up x 15

There is one movement you can leave out if you choose so, but complete the other 4 exercises (the first four ones:) ) at a brisk pace. Perform the full circuit 3-4 times and enjoy burning calories while you bask in the sun!


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