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Athletic Core

May 3, 2011

The "core" is the bodies foundation of strength. It is no wonder that all of the recent buzz in the fitness industry is on how to build a strong, athletic core. Not only will a flat, hard stomach look good, it will also prevent lower back issues and increase performance. Here is a sample of a core circuit that will help you in your quest for a more functional midsection.

V-Ups x 10

Sprinters x 10 (lying flat on your back, mimic a sprint movement. crunching upwards with the left leg and right arm. then crunching up the right leg and left arm)

Toe Touches x 10

Reverse Crunches x 10

Perform each movement one after the other with minimal rest. After completing the reverse crunch, rest 60 seconds before completing the circuit again. Perform the circuit 3-4 times total. Goodluck!



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