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A simple trick to enjoy your food more (and lose weight in the process):

Oct 28, 2010


Eat your food slowly. Savor the flavor of your food. Truly enjoy it.

There are many reasons to SLOW DOWN when eating; more enjoyment of food, greater satiety from less calories (which can help to lose/maintain bodyweight), better digestion and decreased stress.

There are many ways to practice the simple SLOW DOWN method of eating, and a few of my favorites are as follows:

1. Stop multitasking. No eating and driving, TV-watching, blogging, walking etc. Cutting out all those other distractions will not only help you to focus on the incredible flavors, textures and colors of your meal, but also help to reset unhealthy eating habbits such as mindless snacking/nibbling which often lead to caloric excess.

2. Use chopsticks! Personally I eat 90% of my meals with chopsticks (really) and it is a great and simple way to SLOW DOWN. As a nice bonus, you'll look really cool when you go our for sushi and all your friends are struggling with their eattin' sticks and you're elegantly hoisting sashimi.

3. Consciously and deliberately chew, savor, explore, enjoy and experience your meal. Listen to your body's signals as to fullness and learn to stop eating when full. Numbers 1 and 2 above are a great assistance in number 3.

SLOWing DOWN is a skill that takes practice and commitment, but I'm quite sure that as you begin enjoying your food again, you'll begin to reap the rewards.



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