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A Rock Hard Midsection!!!!

Feb 3, 2011

Although it doesn't seem it right now, summer will be upon us soon! Everyone knows that means beach days, barbecues, and family gatherings. The first thing most people do is start a stomach specialization program that revolves around sit ups to counteract those winter "layers" that accumulated the past few months. This leaves most with no results to show AND a sore lower back to go along with it.

What can we do about it? How about a program that uses functional movements that will improve overall core strength but WON'T mess up your back!

Try this circuit out, perform the four movements in order without resting. After completing the fourth movement, rest 1 minute before performing the circuit again. The circuit should be performed 3-4 times.

V-Ups x 8 reps

Sprinters x 10 reps (try googling this core movement)

Toe Touches x 8

Reverse Crunches x 8

Good luck, summer is coming!!!!


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