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3 Tips for Surviving 4th of July Week/Weekend with our Dignity (Read Waistline) in-tact

Jul 3, 2013

1. Do not, I repeat DO NOT, skip breakfast. Often, when we know we are going to go all out to have fun with friends or family for a holiday the first thing we think of is, “Well, if I skip breakfast that will help to make up for all the eating I am going to do later.” Those conscious about their weight management during holidays should still eat breakfast and possibly lunch. Why you say? Well you may not remember, but a while ago I posted some research about the effects of skipping breakfast (or meals in general.) What results is a downward spiral of bad food choices driven by your body’s desire to return to equilibrium. So do your psyche a favor and eat breakfast, it does not need to be your full/regular breakfast, try a serving of fruit and ¾ cup of yogurt or something similar.

2. It may be a holiday but that does not mean you need to slack off in the workout department, especially since this is a day (week potentially) all about over eating and over imbibing. Still try to get a workout in that is focused on high intensity lasting about 20-30 minutes, try doing it with friends you may be partying with later…they will thank you. Getting a high intensity workout done will do two things for you which you will, of course, thank me for later. First, you will get a good calorie burn which will help you to feel pretty good about yourself and drive. Second, and most importantly, it will provide a healthy excess post-exercise oxygen consumption level. In layman’s terms you will burn even more calories than usual which will help you to use that extra food as fuel instead of putting it in storage around your mid-section and thighs. So trust me…do the workout. Try this tabata style, meaning go for 20 seconds rest for 10 then repeat the same exercise 8 times before moving on. Though I am not a fan of the peppy, bubbly person modeling and narrating, I like the exercises along with the modifications for people with limitations that were provided. Also, ignore the title, this will work for the gentlemen just as well as it will work for the ladies. Call your friends tonight and make a meeting time tomorrow to workout before you go and eat to your heart’s content.

3. Be safe and have fun, this is both for fitness goals and to play it smart in general. Be mindful of your alcohol consumption as well as your water intake. Finding a good balance between the two will make everything much easier the following day(s) know your limit for safety’s sake and try to avoid high-carb foods and alcohol near bed for your body’s sake. Have a great 4th of July and weekend and I will see you soon.

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