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!Hola Cinco!

Nov 23, 2015

Hola Cinco!

I recently wrote about the #1 exercise everyone should be doing, the Dead Lift. The Dead Lift is something that could be practiced everyday with little to no weight, just to learn the movement, but only performed 1 – 2 times per week to avoid any over training. Today I would like to discuss the #1 movement you should be doing every day, sometimes multiple times per day if you are a real rock star! In my personal opinion this movement never gets old and you CAN NOT over train with this movement. If done correctly, this movement can boost self esteem, improve hand high coordination, and will help you perform at a higher level if done before or during exercise, while promoting a better recovery and improved energy levels if done post exercise.

Before I let you in on what I am sure will become one of your favorite movements, I must first give you the back story of its creation…

Many years ago, in the time when wars were fought by charging at each other and hacking away at your enemy with a sharpened piece of steal, there was a young Highland warrior by the name of William Fiveson, son of Fiverian Cruickshank. William, much like the other youth of his day wanted to be an honored warrior. Also, much like the youth of our day (despite having 341 ways to tell time) William was constantly late to the battlefield, often missing the battle completely. As a side note I should mention William Fiveson was the inventor of the Dead Lift. His battle companions seemed to injure themselves more often after the battle, than during it. They would constantly throw out their backs trying to lift their dead brethren from the field after their battle. Being late to every battle, missing the fight, and spending all his time helping with the clean up afterward, allowed William to develop a technique that protected the spine from the load and thus the Dead Lift was created!

I am getting side tracked, back to the original story. Fiverian Cruickshank (Williams Father) was becoming more and more embarrassed of his sons constant tardiness and told his son a small white lie. Fiverian told William that the battle would begin when there was a shadow cast from the 3rd stone from the left, when really it wasn’t going to begin until the 5th stone cast the shadow. Somehow, even with this false information William still arrived long after the battle had already begun, luckily not as late as usual so there was still one enemy for William to engage! It was a dark, rainy day. The Highlanders were battling their arch enemies the um… Lowlanders. It was of extra importance that William be part of this epic battle. Being late to every other fight left William very inexperienced in the art of battle. However it seemed as though his foe was just as new to war. The two of them took their broad swords in one hand (for those who don’t know, broad swords are huge, heavy, and require two hands) and charged each other as if they were holding spears. When they were within about 5 feet of one another their muscles fatigued and they could no longer hold the giant hunk of steal in that extended position. The tips of the swords took a dive into the mud, catapulting each young warrior over the hilt (this was how pole vaulting was invented) and landing them splat into the mud. This was a huge spectacle which caused every other warrior to stop their battling and watch the show (and halftime was born).

Realizing all eyes were now on them, and not wanting to look weak, both warriors grabbed the TWO handed broad swords with one hand again. Williams sword came out with ease as it had only been speared into the soft muddy ground, however the young Lowlander’s sword had been thrust deep into a stone and no matter how hard he tried he could not remove it (couldn’t have been that hard some 14 year old kid named Arthur pulled it out with ease years later). Seeing William about to take a swing the Lowlander raised his hand high, spreading his fingers wide, hoping the increased surface area would help shield him from the powerful blow he was about to receive. Unfortunately Williams grip strength was subpar. That combined with the rain, and the fact he was still wielding a two handed sword with one hand meant that as he swung, the sword went flying from his clasp at the last moment. As the sword was leaving his hand, William opened his palm hoping to catch it, but instead his hand made perfect contact with the Lowlanders palm. In that exact moment, a very fulfilling smacking sound occurred which left those who were there to witness it in awe. William and the Lowland warrior could not help but smile and get a surge of adrenaline and feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment that neither had ever felt before. It was with this gratifying movement, the years of hatred between clans ended, as each warrior turned to his enemy and mimicked the movement they just saw. The Highlandic Fiverson Palm Smack Of Peace was born. Later to be shortened to the Highlandic Fiverson Smack of Peace, then again to the Highlandic Fiverson, then to the High Five, and is now performed using the emoji you saw when you opened this blog post... gosh we can be lazy sometimes.

Any ways, go high five someone and have an amazing Holiday no matter what you celebrate!

Mike Gilmore - Fitness Together Newtonville


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