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What are some benefits of regular exercise?

Sep 25, 2017

Question: "What are some benefits of regular exercise?"

Christian Agudelo, ACSM - CPT

Some of the benefits of regular exercise include an increase in energy levels throughout the day, overall physical and cardiovascular improvement, better eating habits and an overall understanding of healthy living.

When you are on a regular exercise routine your cortisol levels will drop and will increase endorphin levels to help drive your energy levels. Even though you will feel tired and exhausted from exercising, the affects only last a short time. You will begin to see a huge change in your mood and attitude and you will notice you can do more and feel great in the later part of the day.

Exercise also improves your overall strength not just physically but cardiovascular. By engaging in a structured exercise routine 2-3xs per week you will notice significant changes in your body. From an aesthetics point of view you will be more confident in what you wear and how you present yourself. From a cardiovascular side you minimize your risk for preventable diseases such as heart disease, obesity and other high risk factors.

When you exercise and feel great you also eat great. Nutrition and exercise go hand in hand so once you put them together you are on your way for success. Generally those who exercise regularly and see the positive changes will begin eat better and healthier.

Get out there and start exercising, go for a walk or run, start paddle boarding, get on a strength training routine, go for a hike or swim. The idea is just get out and exercise!

Earvin Bahena, NSCA - CSCS

We all know that exercising on a consistent basis is very beneficial to our body. Whether you are strength training, running or going a hike about 2-3 times a week you will reap the benefits. Now, what are some of those benefits you gain from working out?

Let’s begin with the physiological aspect, being active helps improve your HDL (good cholesterol) and decrease your LDL (bad cholesterol). This helps keep your blood running smoothly throughout your body and decrease the risk of cardiovascular diseases. As you exercise you also help prevent and lower the risk of strokes, Type 2 diabetes and depression.

Appearances and mood can both change in a positive way due to exercise. When you exercise you release brain chemicals that can have you feeling happier and relaxed, which will put you in a better mood throughout the day! As you continue exercising and you see your body change in terms of weight, circumference measurements or strength you will feel more confident than before.


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