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Trainer Tuesday: What are the Benefits of Strength Training?

Apr 4, 2017

By: Christian Agudelo, ACSM - CPT

Strength training provides a wide range of benefits for any individual. For the average person the benefits of strength training provide an increase in lean muscle while reducing unwanted body fat which can lead to common health issues such as obesity, osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease. Strength training can increases testosterone levels in males which is a key element in building lean muscle and increased overall energy. Strength training is essential to females who are at risk for osteoporosis. The increased bone density in women is much more significant when they are actively strength training. From an aesthetic point of view, strength training provides both males and females the tools to dress and look a certain way. Having a lean and healthy body can help to improve a person’s confidence in all aspects of their life.

By: Earvin Bahena, NSCA - CSCS

Strength training can benefit people of all ages regardless of their history. Not only will your muscle feel and get stronger but you will feel better as well. When you exercise your body releases hormones (endorphins) that have you feeling better than ever! As your body gets stronger so do your bones, strength training helps improve bone density and decrease the risk of osteoporosis. You will feel that you have more energy and the stamina to do things longer than before. Your balance and mobility will begin to improve with all the difference exercises you do.

Monitoring and caring for your health is also another big reason you should strength train. You can lower your blood pressure and risk of cardiovascular diseases by working out. Your risk of getting diabetes and the need for insulin is reduced as well as a decrease in your LDL (bad cholesterol).


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