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November Client(s) of the Month - Congratulations Debbie and Terry!

Oct 27, 2016

Training Frequency:

Debbie and Terry both train with us 3x/wk doing one-on-one. Debbie has been working with our trainer Christian and Terry has been working with our trainer Earvin.

Cardio Frequency:

They have both been very consistent about doing their prescribed cardio after training sessions and have been averaging 5x/wk of cardio since starting. They have even worked up to walking 3.5 to 4 miles at a time some days!


Debbie and Terry jumped into our Nutrition Together program with both feet from the get go. By tracking what they ate, staying within their recommended food weight goal, and getting a balanced diet chock full of delicious snacks (...that even pair well with wine ;) )..... they've been able to establish healthy sustainable habits to last a lifetime.

Since starting with us 2 short months ago, Debbie and Terry have each lost over 15 lbs... Terry even won our most recent studio challenge by losing 17.5 inches in just 6 weeks!! But most importantly, they're both looking and feeling better and improving their health every week!

Skies the limit for you two!


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