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Ask The Trainer:"What effect does fatigue have on my body?"

Apr 2, 2019

Christian Agudelo, ACSM - CPT

Fatigue affects the body in a very negative way and should not be overlooked, especially during exercise. Symptoms of fatigue are generally associated with weakness and tiredness along with a lack of concentration and muscle pain your day to day routine can be thrown off completely. Fatigue also affects your sleep patterns and you may also feel your drive or desire to perform any activity at an all time low. It is very important to address issues of fatigue so that you can find what is causing it. Generally rest and proper nutrition will help combat issues of fatigue. So listen to your body and don’t wait too long if you are feeling overly tired and/or burnt out. These are all major signs of body fatigue

Earvin Bahena, NSCA - CSCS

Fatigue is a feeling of constant tiredness and weakness in physical state as well as a mental state. Fatigue is not a condition, it is a symptom caused by a combination of social lifestyle, physiological factors and your own well being. Some of the symptoms of fatigue include chronic tiredness, muscle pain, impaired memory and concentration and unrefreshed sleep. With these symptoms your day to day lifestyle can have a drastic change. Your drive to exercise can drop, your lack of concentration can see your job performance decrease.The ability for your body to recover from exercise is limited due to lack of sleep and relapse of concentration when it comes to nurturing your body.

Spencer O'Neil, NASM- CPT

Fatigue can be categorized differently from person to person. It generally can be described as lack of energy and motivation, as well as difficulty concentrating. These symptoms can take a toll on our day to day lives whether it be at work or during exercise. When fatigue lasts for weeks at a time our body won’t properly recover compounding our symptoms week after week. This leads to lackluster workouts which compounds the unnecessary stress we are already feeling. Many of the symptoms are as much mental as physical making it hard to immediately fix. When fatigue starts affecting us too much negatively it's always a good idea to take a reset day to recover.

Nikki Davis

Symptoms of fatigue include tiredness, exhaustion, lack of energy or strength, headaches, impaired decision making, appetite loss, low motivation and poor concentration to name a few. It affects you both mentally and physically. Fatigue can often be mistaken by typical symptoms of tiredness or sleepiness however, those can be resolved with a good night of sleep or exercise. An onset of fatigue can happen even after sufficient rest and nutrition. Typical things that leave your body in a state of fatigue include, medical causes like an undetected or ongoing illness, such as a thyroid disorder or diabetes, or psychological illness, such as depression, grief or anxiety. Another big contributor is day to day decision, such as a lack of exercise consistency, poor nutrition, overeating, over consumption of alcohol. Fatigue may be an onset from stressful workplace settings, shift hours, daily overtime. In order to truly detect the root of fatigue you must examine all


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