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Ask The Trainer: “Holiday season is coming soon, what steps should I take to not gain weight during the next couple weeks?”

Nov 13, 2018

Christian Agudelo, ACSM - CPT

Trying to maintain or even not gain weight during the holidays is one of the hardest things to do. However with some discipline and having a plan of attack you can definitely avoid that unwanted holiday weight. First thing you want to do is take a look at your holiday calendar. By now you should already know what events are coming up, what parties you have been invited to and what company dinners are ahead. Now that you know what to expect it is time to start planning your healthy routine. By staying on an exercise routine ( 3-4x per week) and eating healthy prior to each event you will be able to enjoy those parties without guilt. Now once you are at those parties the temptation to eat and drink everything will be your biggest challenge. Some tips to use before you go to any event. Eat before you go. Even if you have a simple small healthy meal it will keep you full and away from unwanted snacking during the night. Drink lots of water during the day prior to your evening. This will keep you hydrated and you won’t be discouraged when you have a glass of wine or a few alcoholic beverages. If the events are timed and you don’t really need to be there the entire time, go a little later and try to leave sooner than everyone else. This will avoid getting sucked in and will avoid overeating and drinking. Holidays are a great time of year however they can be dangerous to your healthy routine. Just remember to have a plan and stay on track as much as possible.

Earvin Bahena, NSCA - CSCS

The holidays are the happiest time of the year for some and bad time for others. With endless holidays parties around the corner and family coming into town, this can be a time where you weight can slowly start to creep up. First and foremost you have to keep up with your workout routine. Working out 2-3 times a week along with cardio 3-4 times a week is essential to not allow your body to lose track of the progress it has made. Try to set yourself up for success, drink lots of water especially when you know you might take a drink or two. Do not overeat, a second and third plate of delicious turkey and stuffing will not help! Just be aware of what you are stuffing in your mouth and how much, it is very easy to let go during the holidays.

Spencer O'Neil, NASM- CPT

Managing the holiday eating can be really stressful. During this time of I try not to deny myself too many once a year holiday goodies. The biggest way to counteract any unwanted holiday weight gain is to find ways to increasing your energy output. Usually there will be plenty of relatives around so getting family walks going are great ways to sneak in extra calorie burn. If you're going to have sweets try making sure you eat them earlier in the day to give you a better chance to utilize those calories and burn them offs. Enjoy the must have treats but hold yourself accountable to burn it off next time you're working out.


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