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2019 June Client of the Month

Jun 14, 2019

Allow us to introduce Susan, our 2019 June Client of the Month!!!

Susan was referred to us 3 months ago by a good friend of hers that's also a client :)

Like many of our clients, Susan came to us with the goal of losing weight so that she could be healthier, more active, feel good, and fit back into her clothes.

Also like many of our clients, she came in having some past injuries and knew she needed the one on one attention and customization to train safe and smart!

Since day one, she has consistently shown up, stayed positive, and done her best. Whether it's doing her daily lessons & habits in our lifestyle/nutrition program, showing up for her workouts, or following her prescribed cardio plan, she has been open to the process and the results speak for themselves!

We asked Susan a few questions about herself and her experience so far and here's what she had to say:

Q: What are your hobbies/interests?

A: "Snow skiing, water skiing, & hiking"

Q: How many days per week do you workout at FT?

A: "2 days/week"

Q: How has your lifestyle & food habits changed since starting the program?

A: "I'm slowing down to enjoy food - while being aware of what foods do the most to make me feel healthier and stronger."

Q: How many days per week do you do aerobic activity and what sort of activities do you do?

A: "Usually 2-3 times per week. Consists of walking, hiking, and bike rides."

Q: What improvements have you made since working out at Fitness Together?

A: I'm way more physically active & have taken more control of what I put in my body and how much."

Q: What areas of your life do you feel Fitness Together has benefited the most?

A: "I feel stronger & more fit. I'm sleeping better and my clothes fit way better!"

Q: How would you describe your experience at Fitness Together?

A: Great! The staff is very encouraging & upbeat. I've never felt pushed & like I'm not doing good enough. I feel awesome about the results I'm seeing & feeling!"

And about those results... Well, she's down over 10 inches, has lost about 15lbs, and has improved her bodyfat by over 15%!....

But the biggest changes we've seen are the ones that can't be measured on a scale.

She's now living a healthy & active lifestyle, stronger, moving better, and most importantly - feeling awesome about herself!

Congratulation Susan!!! We could not be more proud of you!


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