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    Private Studio Suites and LIVE 1-on-1 Virtual Training to make it easier to stay on track with your goals.

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Ever wonder why killing yourself in the weight room, buying the latest greatest diet book, or waking up early to get your morning run in may help you feel like you're getting in better shape - but still falls short?  Your personal trainer at Fitness Together knows.

A Fitness Together personal trainer knows you need the right strength, cardio and nutrition approaches all working together. Our proprietary systems work in harmony, utilizing the most current science for a complete fitness solution:

Aspire 8 resistance training program utilizes personal assessments, functional cross-muscular training approaches, and periodization techniques to change things up for continued results. Your program is designed by one of our personal trainers and executed in a safe, challenging, and fun manner.

Cardio Together offers a customized cardio prescription that combines fartlek, interval, and tempo workouts with a focus on exercise frequency, intensity, duration and progression to achieve maximum results. Utilizing your assessment information, your personal trainer will design a cardio program that can improve your endurance and trim body fat.

Nutrition Together offers an educational and accountability framework to improve your eating lifestyle. By eating the right foods, the right portions and the right frequency, along with our other programs the results are truly amazing. Your personal trainer knows you can't out run or out work your fork! Our personal trainers can coach you to success both inside and outside our studio.

Are you looking for a personal trainer/nutritional coaching near DANA POINT, LAGUNA NIGUEL, SAN CLEMENTE OR SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO?


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Live 1:1 Virtual Personal Training brings a personal trainer into the comfort of your own space, making it easy to personalize your workout plan on your own time so you can reach your goals.

  • "Flexibility of virtual or in-person scheduling, great trainers, and excellent communication. Thank you!"   ― S. Y.

  • "We work hard. always with a purpose. Excellent results. "   ― S. M. C.

  • "Personalized service to help meet my goals "   ― G. S.

  • "Excellent skilled trainers"   ― T. G.

  • "I have been a loyal client for several years and attend my sessions 3 times a week. During the Covid time, I was desperate for Fitness Together to resume with my workouts and it was difficult to be patient!!!!! I'm not exactly saying that it is addicting BUT, it is addicting!!!! Thank you for what you do for me and your other addicts!!! Cheryl Saltus SeAir Properties"   ― C. S.

  • "I like the personal attention to detail. I am older now and need help to progress without getting hurt. I am very happy with my program."   ― T. A.

  • "Least expensive way to get a personal trainer. My trainer / coach, Spencer, has been great."   ― G. P.

  • "Dealt with quarantine well. Brought weight to help with workout while at home. Fixed up gym while we were away but UGLY walls- just kidding. Excellent trainers, even Kyle. "   ― E. S.

  • "Unlike at much larger gyms, we feel "at home" at this studio. Personalized workouts are excellent and the trainers know many ways to target a particular muscle or muscle group so they easily work around any limitations. Studio is spotlessly clean, and with the current coronavirus pandemic, they have implemented very stringent policies to ensure our safety and health. "   ― M. B.

  • "Always professional staff with my fitness as their main goal. Tom "   ― T. M. C.

  • "Personalization "   ― H. J.

  • "Consistent and thoughtful care. Always keep my workouts challenging. My well being is there priority. "   ― B. M.

  • "Customized and updated workouts that include cardio, strength, and balance enhancements."   ― P. D.

  • "Especially considering the quarantine, the staff is extremely adaptive to the circumstances. I was starting from scratch: no experience, no equipment, and a small space in which to work. The appointments were always on time, we used chairs, soup cans for weights, anything that would get the job done. They are so resourceful! Good feedback and supportive staff!!"   ― J. H.

  • "Great adaptation to the Covid 19 limitations. Helping me stay on track."   ― G. S.

  • "They figure out ways to help me keep exercising"   ― D. B.

  • "It's like family! I feel each new workout is geared towards my athleticism and is based on collaboration with my trainer. The workouts are engaging, fun and I feel so much healthy after each workout. "   ― L. L.

  • "Very knowledgable, good facility and equipment, coaches are great. Virtual training is working out well."   ― T. G.

  • "Fitness Together provides a very personalized and private personal training service. I would recommend it to anyone looking to start working out and make sure you do it right."   ― J. M.

  • "Always enjoy the one on one, but offering the virtual training is a great idea"   ― P. W.

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