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Planet FT or Planet Fitness?

Jan 25, 2011

The ubiquitous gym chain of Planet Fitness recently announced that they are doing away with one-on-one personal training so they can focus on doing group classes, where they will instruct members on how to use machines. While doing away with personal training may seem like an odd move to many, it makes perfect sense given the business model and corporate philosphy of Planet Fitness.

Planet Fitness wants members to be "comfortable", where exercises deemed "too hard" are forbidden, and the rote and routine program is encouraged. Naturally, this is a recipe for mediocrity, but most Planet Fitness members are OK with that.

Mediocrity is not OK for Fitness Together clients. FT clients want to be better than average, and achieve their goals. The work required is rarely easy, but our clients understand that anything worth doing usually takes hard work anyways. They know that most gym members rarely or never use their gym memberships. One can hardly blame them for staying home when mediocrity is encouraged.

Good health and fitness is what FT is all about. If you haven't been to FT yet, give us a call and see how you can work hard, have fun, and accomplish your goals. You'll understand why our clients are glad they did!


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