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Personal Training Success Stories

Get Inspired, Get Results. *Individual exercise results may vary.

Mary B

I love working out at Fitness Together. The motivation and accountability have helped me tremendously. When I first started working out here in 2008 I weighed 207 lbs, which was after I'd already lost about 10 pounds before joining. With the great workouts, nutritional advice, and motivation, I dropped to the high 150's over a course of about 6 months and have kept that off for several years. This year I decided, with turning 40, I'd really turn on the jets. I have worked with JP to lose an additional 20lbs and am by far in the best shape I've ever been in my adult life. I am running my fasted 5K times, have a lot of muscle definition I didn't have before, and am even working towards unassisted chin-ups. I can't express enough gratitude for all the help JP and his team have given me through the years. Getting into shape has given me much more confidence in all areas of my life, and you can't put a price tag on that!

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After *

Signe H.

I'm down 90lbs since last summer*. I started working with JP in July and have lost 50lbs* and have noticed drastic changes since then! I love this place soooo much.

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Meg H.

I have been going to this studio for the past two year and would continue to go if it weren't for the fact that I am moving out of state. I have worked with most of the trainers at the studio and every single one of them has been great. I learned how to do a deadlift and went from just lifting the bar (35-45lbs) to lifting 240lbs using the trap bar!* They've been really great about my super hectic travel schedule and have been able to accommodate me when work causes things to change at the last minute. I definitely recommend this studio if you're looking for a great personal trainer in a small environment rather than a big gym!

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Renee F

Besides being an amazingly consistent client, who is always sure to reschedule rather than cancel a session, she has had some MAJOR accomplishments since starting with Fitness Together.

For example, last summer she completed a 100m mile Cycling ride, a feat she had never accomplished before. She has since changed her focus a bit and set her sights on a new strength goal (bench pressing 95lbs) which we know is going to happen very soon.

Aside from the fitness accomplishments, she has also developed a very different relationship with her diet than she had previously, and is managing to eat more nutritious foods while continuing to knock off every fitness goal she sets for herself.

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Sara T

What are your goals?

My original goal was to get toned arms for my sister's wedding so I looked better than all the other bridesmaids in photos but now my main goal is just to continue getting stronger, healthier and more in-shape (without having to push the sled or limit my wine intake of course!).

How has one-on-one training changed you?

I have arm muscles and can now hexagonal deadlift like a beast! I also feel stronger, healthier and have more energy!!

What do you like about Fitness Together?

My favorite part about FT is my trainers - who also double as my therapists/venting session listeners/career advisors/running leap partners - thanks Kathy, Alla & Eli!!

Favorite exercise(s)?

Farmers Walks, Hexagonal Deadlifts & Dead Bugs. My least favorite exercise is pushing the sled although I do enjoy sitting in it while someone else does the pushing.

Favorite healthy food?

Wine in moderation!!

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Julie L

I started personal training at Fitness Together North End in October 2010. My goals were to tone my entire body and live a better, healthier lifestyle. The trainers I have worked with at FT, JP, Kathy, Alla, Rob and Eli have helped me achieve these goals and then some. My body fat percentage when I started was 22%. In just 10 months, I am down to a little under 14% body fat*. I am finally comfortable wearing a bikini without hiding my body behind cover ups! Their knowledge about fitness and nutrition surpass all other personal trainers I have worked with before. Their workouts are intense and surprisingly fun! If you want results, FT North End is the place to find them.

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Suzanne B

With my work schedule (60+ hours a week), it is super easy to let work-outs take a back-burner to everything else going on. Fitness Together (and my awesome trainer, Alla) has motivated me to make sure that I routinely work-out every week no matter how busy I get. I haven’t been this dedicated to working out regularly since college, which was over 10 years ago, so I know that this is an amazing investment in my health!*

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Lauren C

I just wanted to write a quick thank you for all of your advice and guidance while I was training for my first marathon! I also wanted to thank Kathy for all of the training tips and for keeping me honest! I ran the race on Sunday in Napa and finished in 4:11.* I might be a bit of a turtle but am so glad I was able to finish and I know I would not have been able to without Fitness Together!

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Steve B.

Working out at Fitness Together has changed the way I approach exercise. Working with my trainer, Rob, keeps me focused on increasing results over time. Sometimes focusing on one exercise to build strength measured over a 6 week period. Other times focused on weight loss and increased endurance*. I've increased my bench press and back squat, gaining more strength and definition in my chest, shoulders, back, and legs.

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Jaime B

I tried gyms and it never worked because I wasn’t motivated to get my butt there and once there, I was self-conscious. My trainer at FT has built trust and I don’t feel afraid to struggle in front of her. She pushes me past my comfort level and I actually love her for it. I look forward to my training and PACK.

When I started at FT, I could hardly run a full mile without stopping. Now I’ve run two 10k’s, many 5k’s, biked a 25 mile race, and am psyched for my first triathlon this summer*. I went from doing two pushups to 30. I can actually balance on one foot for a long time now without falling over. I did a three-minute plank and held the FT record for about a day. Most importantly: I’m a teacher and I have motivated my students to start running with my own story and will be doing a training program after school with them this spring.

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Carrie H

This place rocks! I have been going here for about a year and I can't imagine my life without it. The exercise routines are always different and challenging. Kathy is my trainer and she is the BEST! She always puts together a great workout that kicks my butt. Before I joined FT, I was hesitant because of the cost but it's 100% worth it. Not only am I more fit but I feel better mentally-- it's hard to put a price on that.

In addition to my 1 on 1 with Kathy, I do some PACK sessions (workouts with a small group) which are challenging yet fun. Heather is GREAT (but don't let her sweetness fool you, she also has some tough workouts- my butt and thighs are still sore from 2 days ago with her). The manager JP is also great and very accommodating in terms of one's schedule.

I definitely recommend this place to anyone. The staff is highly competent and will give you an awesome personalized workout!

Review from Yelp on 1/9/2013

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Shari M

This is a great personal training studio. I have done both one on one sessions as well as their new pack training (group sessions). The trainers are top of the line and they really take your fitness seriously. This studio has everything, from equipment to staff, needed to whip you into shape!

Review from Yelp on 11/7/2012

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Amy G.

This is a much overdue review - but I had to say how great these guys are! I started training with Pat in June and he helped me get to my weight loss goal of 20 lbs*. by October for my sister's wedding. Both Pat and JP are extremely knowledgeable in what they do and offer great nutritional advice, as well. You get one-on-one attention in a charming, small studio. Every session is personalized and fun - and the routines are different each time. Throughout the four months, there was never a morning-after when I didn't feel totally sore - and that's a good thing! Worth the money. I highly recommend. And Pat, JP, as well as Norm, the owner, are really friendly guys, too!

[Review from Yelp on 1/3/2011]

Lisa B.

I joined this gym about a year ago, with the objective of losing some weight and improving muscle tone. Even though I've already accomplished my original objectives, I've stayed with it because of how much I enjoy it, plus it's a great benefit to have the undivided attention of your personal trainer in a private studio.

There are several trainers at FT in the North End but my trainer is JP who is also the manager. JP is extremely knowledgeable and keeps up-to-date on the latest research on both fitness and nutrition. Most important to me is JP's enthusiasm and ability to motivate me. He changes up the routines to keep the workouts interesting and I've learned alot about making better food choices and I actually look forward to my appointments.

The studio is right next to the Haymarket T Stop so its very convenient if you want to workout on your way to/from work.

[Review from Yelp on 11/12/2009]

Malinda B.

I tried health clubs and other personal trainers, but the Fitness Together team accomplished in ten weeks what I couldn’t do in years. Their focus, enthusiasm and expertise actually made me look forward to working out and the results have been nothing less than spectacular. The trainer's in-depth knowledge combined with their passion for helping you reach your goal in fitness, weight loss, or nutrition has inspired and motivated me to do more than I ever thought I could.

Mary S.

Looking at 50 next year, I figured I needed a serious plan if I hoped to get in the best shape of my life – or at least reasonably close to it. I had tried a number of approaches, including many self-directed programs that helped me stay generally fit, but I wasn’t achieving that next level. I am now several months into my program at FT-North End, and it is truly remarkable how I have reshaped the toughest spots for me – especially my core. I have had my clothes tailored, and a number of friends have kindly commented on how fit I look. Like anything worthwhile, it takes effort – but I am extremely satisfied with the results I have achieved working with the personal trainers at FT-North End.

And did I forget to mention what a delight their trainers are to work with?!

Olivia S.

Since moving to Boston 5 years ago, I gained 30lb and with that came high blood pressure and frequent migraines. Walking into FT-North End in May not knowing what to expect has been the best decision I have ever made for both my weight loss and nutrition.

I workout three times a week with my personal trainer, and I am enjoying every minute of it. I have learned its better not to just focus on the scale but to be aware of all the benefits of weight training and exercise. Encouragement from my personal trainer and the whole FT-North End team has inspired me to achieve a new level of fitness, weight loss, and nutrition from which I am feeling the benefits of lower blood pressure, fewer migraines and I am now three months off of cigarettes.*

Friends have started to comment on how good I look. I have not only lost weight but also inches*, which are just as important as the pounds and when I the see the results after each fitness test and my new measurements it reassures me that I am on the way to being 30lb lighter* and being extremely healthy and strong.

I would have no hesitation in recommending anyone to FT-North End and its wonderful trainers. It’s been a life changing experience for me.

Paul G.

I am not surprised about your renewal statistics. You guys make a great team and it shows through the conscientious effort you all make to accommodate, encourage and drive me to better fitness and health. Each time I come to a session, I look forward to the challenge of the workout and the positive encouragement from you and the trainers. I view FT-North End as part of a lifestyle course correction and look forward to continued growth, fitness...and...weight loss(!!!) in the next 13 weeks of sessions*. Keep up the great work.

Rebecca M.

Fitness Together - North End has made me feel stronger, and in turn, has boasted my confidence. I think fitness training has given me a more positive outlook, because I did things I thought I could not do. In terms of my lifestyle, I eat healthier and get up earlier, which isn't a bad change!


Sarah P.

I’ve had memberships at gyms for years but could never commit to working out regularly on my own. With Fitness Together, I’ve been working out consistently and am in the best shape of my life. I’ve lost weight, toned up and feel stronger*. My personal trainer really listened to what I wanted to accomplish and developed a program to suit my needs. He provides me with the support and encouragement I need to stay motivated and keeps pushing me so I’ll continue to make great progress.