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MAY Client of the Month- Molly B

May 7, 2013

Tell us how training at FT has changed you:

Training at FT has changed how I look at exercise. I now look at it as a necessity in my life and have come to actually enjoy it.

Why do you like Fitness Together?

I enjoy coming to Fitness Together because of the people. Everyone is so friendly and encouraging but they also are all very good at what they do and I always leave knowing I got a great workout.

Tell us some of the results you have achieved:

Through the workouts at FT, I have become stronger overall which has helped me in my running on my other days. I am now able to consistently run a much faster mile than I had been able to last year.

Do you do PACK training? Why do you like it?

I do the PACK training twice a week and love it! It’s been so much fun getting to know the girls in the class, we are able to have fun but we also encourage each other to push ourselves.

Why do you like one-on-one training?

I like the intensity of the one-on-one training. Although, during the workout I may be miserable, once I am leaving I am a happy client!

What is your favorite exercise?

Over the past year I have gotten into running which I have begun to really enjoy. I love how it’s free, you can do it almost anywhere as long as you have sneakers, and it’s a stress reliever.

What is your favorite healthy food?

I love any and all fruit as well as sweet potatoes.

What is your favorite “cheat meal”?

If I am going to cheat, I usually look forward to an unhealthy sandwich and chips.


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